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Etiquette Moments Nearest Point of Relief

Golf Etiquette Videos by the Etiquette Nerds

Golf Etiquette Video from our Friends the Etiquette Nerds

Another useful piece of advice from your friends the Etiquette Nerds at SwingPointMedia. Play at your own pace but play smarter. Become better stewards of the golf courses we play. Learn what’s appropriate. All this and more with this edition of Etiquette Moments and our friends the Etiquette Nerds of SwingPointMedia. Learn the difference and play smart with this extremely useful golf etiquette video.

Nearest Point of Relief

This golf etiquette video deals with the Nearest Point of Relief.  What the nearest point of relief?  What is the ruling on the point of nearest relief.  How do you handle them.  Know Before You Go with  Check out the video below explaining the nearest point of relief.



Nearest Point of Relief Rule 24-2 Answered.

In most cases, there is only one place on the course that is the nearest point to the ball, which is not closer to the hole, and provides relief from interference of the lie, stance and area of intended swing. It is the point where the ball would be positioned in a simulated stance of how the player would have played his next stroke had the obstruction or condition not been there. In some cases the nearest point of relief may be in a bush, tree, etc. See also Decision 24-2b/1, Decisions 24-2b/3.5 24-2b/3.7, and Decision 25-1b/2.
Golf Etiquette Video by the Etiquette NerdsEtiquette Nerds — Jeff & Amy of SwingPointMedia

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