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GK Product Spotlight – GK Certificate Los Robles Greens Golf Course Product Spotlight

GK Product Spotlight – GK Certificate for Los Robles Greens Golf Course

GK Certificate Los Robles Greens Golf Tee Time Special updated
GK Certificate Los Robles Greens Golf Tee Time Special updated presents our latest product spotlight GK Certificate Los Robles Greens Golf Course.

Our focus here at Greenskeeper.Org is the avid golfer.  It is our goal to keep your up-to-date with golf course reviews and maintenance schedules.  Nothing beats not knowing before your next round of golf and that is what Greenskeeper.Org attempts to do day in and day out.

Check out one of our latest golf course tee time specials for Los Robles Greens for instance.  You get a great rate for a golf course that has literally just completed their golf course renovations.  To celebrate they have enlisted us, Greenskeeper.Org, to deliver one spectacular deal.  Check it out.  Click HERE for additional information on our latest GK Certificate for Los Robles Greens Golf Course.

Normally our GK Certificates cost $0.99 each to download.  Now take advantage of this great deal for just $0.50 each.  That’s two quarters and you get to take advantage of an anytime rate of $25 Monday – Friday.

Golf Course Reviews – Los Robles Greens Golf Course

Don’t take our word for it though.  Check out what other GKers are saying about Los Robles Greens.

Posted: 05/29/16 3:12p
Member Since: Feb 4, 2005
From: Saugus, CA

Played Saturday, 1:44 tee time with Brian H, lotrgolfer, and rgm2525. I checked in early using the GK Certificate. The employee had trouble with the cert and tried to send me off without paying. I told her to make sure to charge me the $25 or there might be an issue in the future. One of our party was a little late due to horrific traffic on the 101 (if you play here make sure to allow for this). It was my first time here and I thought the course was really nice. A good mix of holes that allow for a variety of clubs off the tee, although I opted for driver most of the time. There are a lot of large oak trees that line the course and a couple that may come into play. Very lush conditions from tee to green. Greens running medium fast and soft enough to hold any decent shot. I fixed a few ball marks on several greens, but there were not a lot. Great bunkering with a lot of soft, white sand. Be careful in the bunkers, because the sand is super soft and deep. When the spiky grass they planted around and in some of the bunkers grows in, it will be very penal. Overall, for the $25 GK certificate, I found this to be a good value. Beware though, the pro shop guy read the certificate and told me I had to call in before using the coupon. I told him somebody else made the tee time and it was my assumption that we all will be using it. He did give me some flack about it being a holiday weekend; I countered that the holiday was on Monday, not Saturday. At any rate, the rest of the personnel at the course were very nice to deal with and the ladies were easy on the eyes, if you get my drift.

lamitchwPosted: 05/16/16 7:40p
Member Since: Oct 19, 2012
From: Lake Balboa

Played Sunday 5/15 at 11:28 as a twosome with my boy Mr. Bugs. POP was around 4:30…not horrible for a Sunday afternoon. I played there last Sunday as well…had to come back because it’s in such good shape right now. The changes to the course are complete, and I love them. They’ve added lots of bunkers, and redesigned all of the original ones. Many of the new ones are strategically placed in landing areas, like at the bottom of the corner on the dogleg right par 5 14th. The first time around may lead to a surprise or two. The lake on 9 is now a huge bunker/waste area with an opening on the right. Driving the green is now a definite option! Currently, the course is very lush and green. The fairways are still a mix of grasses, but well maintained and offered nice lies. The rough is not too penal and relatively thick. Turf reduction has created many more areas with wood chips. The greens are very soft and receptive, running around 9.5 or so on both days. They were a little more bumpy than i prefer, but not too bad. Service is always great in the proshop, and cart service was plentiful. I’m very impressed with the changes to the course. I highly recommend Los Robles right now. It’s definitely come a long way.
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