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Golf Course Aeration & Maintenance Season 2016

FALL Aeration & Golf Course Maintenance Season 2016

Golf Course Aeration & Maintenance 2016

Golf Tee Times with Greenskeeper.OrgIt’s fall, and with fall comes Golf Course Aeration & Maintenance.  Every Avid Golfer realizes that this time of the year knowing where to play and when to play is crucial.  We don’t want to be surprised a golf course is in maintenance mode.  We want the best possible conditions for the money we pay.  It’s just that simple.

Let Greenskeeper.Org help you navigate these muddy waters.  There is no resource out there on the internet that provides as high level of accuracy and dedication than Greenskeeper.Org.   At Greenskeeper.Org we contact each golf course operator individually.  Some courses keep this information close to the vest.  Others embrace it as a natural part of their business cycle.  Whatever their predilection as golfers we want to know and Greenskeeper.Org provides that information in a concisely.

Click HERE for more information on Golf Course maintenance in your area.

“Know Before You Go” ®

Just like our tag line/registered trade mark says, Greenskeeper.Org endeavors to ensure you “Know Before You Go” golfing.  Now more than ever this is should hit home for avid and casual golfers.

Why Aeration Now?

Well we have already answered this question with this article, Click HERE.

Aeration why it's important
Aeration allows air and water to reach the roots, relieve soil compaction and promote healthy root growth.

But if you haven’t read it here is our best Reader’s Digest reason (short answer).  It has to be done.  Typically this is done during the season change to ensure the health of the grass growing on the course.  Think of it this way.  A golf course is literally a living, breathing organism.  Sometimes it gets sick.  Aeration is one of the methods and a crucial one to maintain the health and longevity of the greens that are so expensive to build.

You want smooth greens?   You want a green without patches of dirt between you and the hole?  You want a ball that will hold its line after you committed to your putting stroke?  It REALLY has to be done.

It’s Not Personal

So when you do play a golf course that happens to have been recently aerated you can do one of two things.  Blame yourself for not checking with Greenskeeper.Org and play a different course.  Or play the course knowing what to expect but more importantly accepting the fact it’s a NECESSARY part of maintenance of the golf course.  It’s not personal.  They don’t have a vendetta against you – LOL.

And don’t forget Greenskeeper.Org provides perhaps the most extensive and detailed Golf Course Review library of all your favorite golf courses.  The other guys?  They don’t even hold a candle to us!  Check in with us often to find out the latest about your favorite local golf courses.  Be in the know.  “Know Before You Go”® with Greenskeeper.Org.