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Alhambra Golf Course

in Alhambra, CA

#GolfCourseReview @GolfatAlhambra #Golf #Alhambra #California



Reviewed by: t8fish, Altadena
Played as a twosome Sunday, 10/15, around noon. Due to my buddy nursing a sore back, we only went out for the front nine by design. It’s not usually a problem to get out here and we had just walked up and were put right out. It’s a little unusual that an 18 hole course gives you a nine hole option during the main part of the day, and that definitely contributed to our choice to play here.

The Review

I would generally describe the course as good, late summer conditions, particularly with respect to the fairways. While generally pretty decent coverage, there were dryer, thinner patches scattered about that one would probably expect at the end of summer and well past rain season. The grounds crew had marked off many of the more severe spots around the course as Ground Under Repair (GUR,) so that helped. I had a layup shot in the fairway that would have been on hard-pan had it not been marked as GUR and allowed me a nice, adjacent lie. Tee boxes here are generally flat and covered, although some of the par 3s were a bit more chewed up and required a quick survey to find a good tee spot.

On average, rough here tends towards less severe and playable. The greens exhibited the ghost of the aeration pattern visually, but for practical purposes, they are healed. They generally ran true and medium-slow-ish with a couple running a touch firmer and quicker. They were all soft and receptive to incoming shots, leaving deep pitch marks. I don’t think my ball was more than a foot from it’s pitch mark on any green I hit. I avoided the bunkers, so no comment there.

The Final Word

A foursome of one adult and three kids had us play through on the second fairway and we played in a bubble from then on, with the forward group a couple of holes ahead, and no-one pressing from behind. In the past, even as a single on a weekend, I have sometimes found myself in these pockets. The course was active, but not crowded. The front nine is generally short and flatter than the back nine, so on a warm, low energy day, it fit the bill for an enjoyable, low stress round.