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Golf Course Review Anthem Revere Golf Club

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Golf Course Review Anthem Revere Golf Club

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Anthem Revere Golf Club (Concord Course) Golf Course ReviewGolf Course Review Anthem Revere Golf Club (Concord Course) in Henderson Nevada.

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Check out the latest golf course review below for Anthem Revere Golf Club.

Anthem Revere Golf Club

I played the Lexington a couple of months ago and wanted to try out its sister course Revere. This is an excellent track that plays a lot different from Lexington. This is a course that rewards putting the ball in the fairway. The greens are slippery fast but you aren’t penalized so much for hitting into the wrong part of the green.

I got to the course a little over and 1 1/2 hr early and the starter got me out as soon as I was ready as a single. I paired up with another single and we eventually paired with the twosome that was behind us. Unfortunately, there were twosomes intermixed with foursomes so the pace of play was 4 – 4 1/2 hrs. Several of the fairways were aerated recently and the course did an amazing job of clearing all of the plugs. I rarely saw any and when I did, it was in the rough. The first hole starts with a severe downhill shot. A long iron will leave you close to the 150 stake with an easy approach into the green. The next several holes go out and back. There is a hazard that will be along the right side for most of the rest of the front nine with a severe slope off the left side of the fairway. The front side will definitely reward a right-handed golfer that can hit a draw. If you cut the ball you could flirt with trouble on many tee shots on the front 9.

The Bottom-Line

The back nine is a lot more forgiving off the tee as many of the holes funnel the ball back to the fairway on both sides. The two par 3s from the tips will each play about 225 even though they are downhill. Both par 5s are reachable with a solid drive. When you get to 18, aim over the right edge of the left fairway bunker and give it all you can. There is a hill that is a ways out there but if you carry it to the hill, you can get your drive out to almost 400 yards. Yes 400 yards. The hole is about 550 from the tips and three of the 4 of use were within 5 – 10 yards of the 150 stake for our second shot.

I don’t think you can go wrong with this course. It’s really playable and from the tips isn’t too long. I don’t think I had anything longer than a 5 iron into any of the par 4s. I did hit driver on most of the par 4s with the occasional long iron when I wasn’t as confident with the big dog and still had manageable shots into the green.

Definitely give both the Revere courses a try, they are fun and in amazing condition.

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