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Golf Course Review Eagle Crest Golf Club in Escondido California

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Golf Course Review Eagle Crest Golf Club

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Eagle Crest Golf Club Golf Course Review

Golf Course Review Eagle Crest Golf Club in Escondido, California.

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Check out the latest golf course review below for Eagle Crest Golf Club.

Eagle Crest Golf Club

Eagle Crest Golf Club Golf Course Review
Eagle Crest Golf Club Golf Course Review.
7/25 from the blues 6417 71.3 using Under Par $49 2some on a mostly cloudy(thankfully) am following 2 2somes and a 4some with a little over 4hr POP which felt slower but was really ok.
The course is showing the effects of heat and limited water. Fairways are at least 60% brown often with thin cover–where there is green grass there is an ample cushion and excellent lies.
Rough along fairways was inconsistent with limited areas of 1-2 inches, mostly dry and thin and some bare spots. Areas closer to greens have well-maintained grass on the approach, about a 6-foot apron around the greens and well established rough of 1-3 inches. In all fairness even with the dry conditions and playing the ball down I only had 1 or 2 sketchy lies from the fairway.
Greens were soft medium speed rolled well but slower than they looked–many had bare areas along edges which never really came into play with today’s pin placements.
Some bunkers were thin with hard pan underneath but most look to have been renovated some with fine sand and some with the heavier variety that really shows deep footprints and requires proper raking to keep from leaving massive ridges. Also, this type of sand requires daily grooming which may encourage patrons to actually clean up after themselves.
Tees were mixed–some quite thin some with ok cover but rather hard–all quite level.
Customer service more matter of fact–check in– take any cart in the lineup and go when you are ready.  Always have liked the layout