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Golf Course Review Indian Springs Golf Club Indio California

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Indian Springs Golf Club

Indio, CA

Indian Springs Golf Country Club Indio California. Hole 13 Green-side
Indian Springs Golf Country Club Indio California. Hole 13 Green-side
Indian Springs Golf Country Club Indio California. Hole 4 Approach
Indian Springs Golf Country Club Indio California. Hole 4 Approach

Reviewed by: mendel, Santa Monica
Sixpez and I played our GK Cup 10 first round match this morning at 7:15. I got $10 off as a la Quinta resident (paid $30) while they reconfigure the back 9 at Silverrock, Pace of play was outstanding at 3:45, and we never really waited (not even Keith!!) to hit any shot. We played the blue tees (6396 yards 126 slope)

This course is set in a housing community (similar to Woodhaven, and Monterrey Country Club), and the design is set up so that all kinds of golfers can play. Wide fairways (I still seemed to miss more than my share), water comes into play on quite a few holes, but only one short par 3 that you have to carry over it.

Customer service was for the most part superb. They bring a cart to your car to pick up your clubs, they accompany you and help you put your clubs and other golf gear back in your car. The pro shop attendant was friendly as was the starter. The parts I am going to pick on were we did not see the cart girl until we played the first 9, and then as you go past the starter for the first tee she was parked waiting for the groups to finish 9 to serve. We also saw her on 16. My guess is with the wacky routing (it seemed we were crossing a street after almost every hole), that she wouldn’t be able to service the whole course by driving thru the front 9. There were water jugs placed on several holes, but they do not provide any cups for you to use. Memo to self next time, bring my own water bottle.

For a course that is not considered a top tier course for the area, the conditions were excellent especially for this time of year, and when the courses in the area are transitioning to summer grasses. The tee boxes were level, plenty of grass, and few unrepaired divots. The fairways had great coverage, never had a bad lie. The rough was cut down to just above fairway length, but you could tell it was rough, as it took just enough spin off your approach that it was difficult to hold greens, especially if you were out of position on the hole. The one green side bunker I was in was thin, and had a weird sand mixture, it felt like i was hitting out of a mixture of coastal and desert sand, it made a crunching sound when I walked in it.

The greens were the best I have played on in the last couple of weeks (and that includes the Stadium course. They were firm, (hardly a ball-mark to be found or to be repaired) and shots coming in from the rough or not struck well rolled quite a bit. I also liked the green complexes. Most putts outside of 3 feet had a wrinkle to them, that grabs your attention. Above the hole, the putts were quick. The roll was true. in our group I don’t think there was one complaint that a putt was missed because of the green. They do advertise how great there greens are, and even in transition, i must say the greens were as good if not better than most courses I play in prime season.

As Keith said, this is a solid layout with a handful of really good holes and a number of forgettable ones. Actually I liked the holes, but the routing can make you dizzy. I also do not like crossing Westward Ho street while cars are making turns off of Jefferson, that is a disaster waiting to happen. I never played this course before, but for the price and the conditions it is definitely a sold option.

They claim they have the best pro shop in the valley, which is quite a stretch to say the least. It is nice, but definitely pales in comparison to PGA west and Indian Wells golf shops for sure.

We got a free drink card as part of the green fee (free if you buy some food), at what could of been mistaken for a Hard Rock Cafe, with signed guitars, statues of Elvis etc. . A duet was playing (I remember the guy who played at LaRue wine bar in Old Town La Quinta. They had talent, but they were too loud then and too loud now, especially for 11AM on a Sunday. The patrons (who smartly took tables at the opposite end of the stage, all enjoyed and applauded in appreciation, but does not make a conducive atmosphere to talk after your round.

For the price, and the conditions I would definitely recommend this course and will be back