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Golf Course Review Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California

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The Links Championship at Summerly Lake Elsinore, CaliforniaGolf Course Review Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California. #GolfCourseReview @LinksatSummerly #LakeElsinore #California #Breaking

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Check out the latest golf course review below for the Links at Summerly.

Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California
Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California
Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California
Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California
Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California
Links at Summerly Lake Elsinore California

The Links at Summerly

Lake Elsinore, CA
Reviewed by:  Itslikeimsayin, Aliso Viejo

Played here today at 12:00 with a “Deal” time minus 25% promo code. As mentioned in a previous review, they didn’t show my reservation in their computers and they said there is some sort of glitch with times that they often don’t show up. Fortunately I printed the confirmation.  With that the pro-shop guy sent me right out — no hassle. Keeping the theme from my round earlier this week, I played the front nine in about 1:10 while playing through one group. On the ninth hole I caught another group and then the whole back nine was pretty much stacked up and full of players. The back took probably about 2:20-2:30 for an overall POP (Pace of Play) of about 3:45.

This was my second time here.

The first time was prior to the course closing for a while, and conditions were not good at all that time. This time they were a little better. The good news is the greens are quite nice. They were smooth, soft and pretty quick (medium-fast). The 15th green has some unfortunate damage where it looks like some jerk did donuts in their cart on the green. That damage looks to be mostly healed and it didn’t seem to affect my long, cross-green putt on that hole. The fairways and rough are where the course still really needs lots of work. Some fairways have decent grass coverage and others do not. Some that have grass seem well maintained and others seem shaggy, like they’ve been ignored for a few days. The rough is probably the most difficult part of the course to rate, because they are clearly focusing on trying to grow grass down the middle of each hole. On many holes, everything to the sides of that “fairway” area is bare dirt. On other holes, there is some grass. There is rough around the tee boxes and greens, but again the conditioning of that grass is inconsistent throughout. If you don’t mind moving your ball to grass (I do), you might not have too much of an issue with the fairways and rough. It’s best to expect your ball to be on dirt and then be pleasantly surprised if you end up on grass. The bunkers I was in were nice. Tee boxes are pretty good and seem to be consistent throughout the course. Overall, for the rate I paid and going in with knowledge of their situation (read: extremely lowered expectations), I enjoyed the round and would recommend you play it at that rate, as long as you know what you’re in for.

Perhaps the best way to see the conditions is through my photos, so I uploaded a Flickr album of 40 photos from today here:

Additional Player’s Tips

A few more notes: Many fairways are roped off to cart traffic, and others are not. It seems they’ve added 100/150/200 yard poles along the edge of the fairways on the front nine. On the back, there were none and it can be very difficult to find a sprinkler head or any type of yardage. Hopefully those poles are slated for installation on the back, too. Shirts in the pro shop had the “Links Championship at Summerly” name but no where else did I see the “Championship” part included. Not sure if they’ve dropped that or what. The scorecard no longer includes what used to be the tips, with the blues maxing out the course at 6,741 yards.