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Golf Course Review Woods Valley Golf Club

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Golf Course Review Woods Valley Golf Club

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JC Golf Coupon - Woods Valley Golf Club Tee Time Special
JC Golf Coupon – Woods Valley Golf Club Tee Time Special

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Woods Valley Golf Club

Met up with Rat-Patrol this morning for our GK Cup match. We had a 6:08 tee time and were using the UnderPar voucher that included a free replay ($59 for two players). We opted not to use the replay unless playoff holes were needed in our match, but it was still a good deal for a single round on a Sunday morning. We went off second behind another twosome, but never pushed them at all. We had another twosome behind us that was pushing a little, so we ultimately let them through at the turn and enjoyed our own 3-hour pace.

The course is in pretty good overall shape. A little rough around the edges, but good where it counts. Tee boxes were nice. Fairways were generally nice to hit from. Rough was not much of a factor. Where there was grass, it was dry and cut low. Things get a little more bare the further you stray from the fairways. I was only in one bunker. It had really good soft sand, but it was a little lumpy and poorly maintained, so it just needs a good raking. The greens were soft and rolling pretty well at medium speeds, picking up in speed a little as our round went on and the surfaces dried out. Most greens were in pretty good shape. A few of the shorter holes were a little beat up with a lot of wedge and short iron shots coming in and not a lot of people fixing up after themselves.

I always enjoy this course. It’s a solid layout with a good mix of holes. The back nine is more interesting than the front and there’s just enough challenge to keep you entertained. Good deals are easily found, so I’m sure it’s one I’ll return to again.

And Another Golf Course Review for Woods Valley

gary00 Posted: 06/13/16 3:23p
Member Since: Mar 10, 2014
From: san clemente

6/13 from the blues 6315 70.5/127 using underpar $59 2some voucher on a cool overcast am becoming sunny and comfortable by the 12th hole–POP about 120 front and 2hrs back. Tees lush and level par 3s a little chewed up but boxes are big and location gets rotation. Bunkers have fine well packed sand very consistent and playable. Rough is present along fairways 1-2 inches and would definitely impede forward progress but playable to advance the ball or make decent contact to get to the green. Rough around the greens is often long and juicy tough to judge and hard to play out of–could grab and be chunky or if caught crisp takes off. Fairways full well covered with really good lies and good cushion. Greens were recently{maybe as early as this am} needle punched–some around the perimeter and about half completely–did not really cause problems with putts rolled well medium fast–but looked bad. Also no info about the work was forth coming, in fact other golfers we talked to told us that nothing was said even when they asked about courses conditions before hand. After the round the desk staff said it was initiated due to forecast of very hot temps coming quickly this week and implied that it was the greens superintendents call to do what was best for the course. As I said, dont think it really caused problems and we would have played anyway after driving 1hr but I prefer for courses to be straight up with all info that could affect play. Ideally we would have been told and offered a rain check if after the 1st hole we did not want to continue. Would have left us with a better impression of being more golfer oriented. The starter was quick to get us out early and was very friendly. Even with the greens issue worth the $30. Scenic fun layout