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Golf Course Review Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California

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Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido, CaliforniaGolf Course Review Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California. #GolfCourseReview Boulder Oaks @Meadow_Lake #Golf #Escondido #California #Breaking

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Check out the latest golf course review below for Boulder Oaks Golf Club.

Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California
Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California
Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California
Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California
Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California
Boulder Oaks Golf Club Escondido California

Boulder Oaks Golf Club

Escondido, CA
Reviewed by:  dcricket, Escondido

Played 12/29/16 on a whim to go golfing. Found a deal and booked for 12:57 PM. Haven’t played here for several years as our first experience with the prior manager was less than stellar and that’s all it took for us not to return. However, upon prompting from my son’s recommendation to give it another try  — we did. We arrived early and the Check in staff were a definite improvement. They were pleasant and welcoming. Walked back down to check-in with the starter and ‘wait’ for a cart. We had arrived early and probably a good thing. This date they had booked tee times going off every FIVE minutes, resulting in a 30+ minute backlog, and not enough carts.

It was a hurry and wait scenario. Only practice area I saw was the putting green (in very good shape). Starter kept his cool throughout and did his utmost to keep everyone moving to the best of his ability. We were sent off to the 1st tee box and met our other twosome and waited as the group in front waited to tee off once the group in front of them cleared the fairway. This 2 to 3 group back-up on every hole lasted for the front nine and finally started to clear.  For the most part, we were patient and friendly knowing there was nothing we could do, but wait and enjoy the round best we could. Delays typical at the Par 3’s and blind holes (there are several.) It’s recommended you send someone ahead to report when the coast was clear to fire away. Beautiful warm sunny day so we were grateful just to be out on a course.

DEFINITELY MAJOR course improvements under the new ownership.  BIG KUDOS there.  Course is still a work in progress obviously, but WOW, when things mature and fill in and these crazy winter rain storms quit pounding the beautiful white bunkers and landscaping to oblivion, the course will recover and become a very nice local venue to hone your game. As others have mentioned there are some quirky holes. I for one can do without that big boulder right in the vicinity of where I’m teeing off. Grrrr. (Directly in-line of sight/shot from the Blues/Blacks).  I feel the course is best characterized as Q u i r k y but in a good way.

Tee boxes are newly renovated, very nice size, well grown in/good length (some black tee boxes are still growing in/closed), some divot damage on the Par 3’s as typical. Fairways were in GREAT shape. You really need to factor in all the ups/downs/side to side slopes to keep from rolling all the way off (Note: Don’t hit ball out of the bark; they want you to move it into play no closer to the hole without penalty) …I think I managed to reap the benefit of 3 or 4 flat lies all day. Cart paths gravel / concrete mixed bag due to renovations. Most fairways were adequately marked with exits.
Rough was a healthy length, grass-wise, but with the econ layout; penalties a plenty if you rolled off the fairway and onto the dirt/granite/bark.  Bunker I was in was in great shape with good quality sand. Others on the course were still dealing with some excess water accumulation.

Greens were AWESOME!! Soft, and VERY receptive; minimal unrepaired ball marks, rolling medium/slow speeds; a tinge bumpy from all the foot traffic of prior rounds. Only ONE water jug on the entire course and that was empty as you can imagine with the packed course; made worse by no cart service or access to a 9th Hole turn to obtain additional drinks/snacks. Sign in parking lot indicated absolutely no outside drinks/food; so stock up in the pro shop (No on-board coolers). Also, No GPS on carts, and really didn’t expect them; however, I would like to go on record saying if there was a GPS system on the carts that showed where groups were in front of you, it could certainly speed things up by alleviating delays in driving forward, waiting, and driving back to the tee box on those blind holes. Ball washers on each hole. Divot mix at the turn, most were empty (a good sign that folks were repairing fairway divots, so no gripe there from me). Due to the overly packed course, we were unable to finish our round as it simply got too dark to see. Beautiful views of the mountains and to see the ongoing hard work being put into this course is a wonderful positive in light of so many courses going by the wayside. Our hats are off to the owner for their efforts (it truly shows), and kudos to the course crews working hard to preserve what they’ve accomplished thus far, and their continued efforts with new improvements. Never thought I’d say it….., but I believe this novice golfin’ gal will be back to give it another go. (I played from the Whites as the course does play short).

Insider Golf Notes

They have not changed their signage (Still Hidden Meadows Golf Course), and your GPS may be of NO use either since the revision of the course layout. I was on hole 2 (Par 3) and it was showing as hole 14 (Par 4) on my GPS watch. So you’ll probably need to rely on a rangefinder for accurate reads. I didn’t feel the 100 yard markers were totally accurate, but I could be wrong there. If you need directions to the course (GPS for car), don’t use Boulder Oaks as a destination to locate (for now). Again, just this novice golfin gals humble opinion. Fouuuuuuurrrrr!!! 😉