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#GolfCourseReview @GolfArrowood #Golf #Oceanside #California

GCR2-Monday Golf Course Review Greenskeeper.Org

Arrowood Golf Course

Oceanside, CA

#GolfCourseReview @GolfArrowood #Golf #Oceanside #California

Reviewed by: gary00, san clemente

Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.15 GREAT

12/29 really nice but busy holiday week waiting most of the time but as a 2some it was to be expected–no dawdaling or duffing was noticed and POP came in at about 4 1/2.

Fairways on the brown side and thin making for tight lies but still good cushion and some extra roll out. Rough is sparse and going into its dormant state as well. Tees are level and have acceptable cover. Bunkers are mostly good–the yawning pit in #4–about 200 out from the blues and seems to take up half the landing area–is now dry with good sand–a little soft but way more playable. The other six bunkers we found had good depth and were well maintained–except for right upper greenside bunker that was thin and hard at the bottom.

Greens were fast and firm–back and front pins tended to be tightly placed and had tricky breaks that were tough–so much for making the course a little easier for the holiday crowd.
Staff continues to be friendly and helpful.

Used the Palm Card $199 for 6 weekday plays–good deal for a course of this quality.

The 6.8 rating came out lower than I expected–more like 7.3 to 7.5

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