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Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach, CA

#GolfCourseReview @PebbleBeachGolf #Golf #PebbleBeach #California

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Playing Conditions 9.25 IMMACULATE
Playing Conditions 9.25 IMMACULATE

This is my second time playing Pebble. I played in January and somehow managed to shoot a very respectable score (for me) managing 7 pars but no birdies. Going into this round I focused on wanting to better my score which was a big mistake on my part. In retrospect, I realize this is a course you need to just relax and enjoy. For an average golfer like me, if the score comes then so be it.

The course plays a lot harder than the yardage suggests. Greens are small and fast. Make that very fast on downhill putts. I had a 15 footer that I hit like a one foot tap in and the ball ran 12-15′ past the hole!

If you’re coming into the peninsula for a golf trip head out to nearby Bayonet/Blackhorse for some putting practice. The greens there are just as fast and challenging and will help get you used to the greens at Pebble.

Course conditions were great as expected for a top notch course. I will say that the sand in the bunkers were average with a few of them being a little thin. I was in 8 bunkers during the round (it was one of those days) so I got to test a lot of them.

My caddie and I weren’t on the same page all day which began to frustrate me. Whereas my first time here, my caddy Matt treated every putt like it was the one needed to win the AT&T PB Pro-Am and every shot was treated like I was trying to qualify for the Open. This time, my caddie was more interested in talking surfing to us or walked off down the fairway ahead of us before we teed off. Not quite the service I expect and have had in the past. The caddy at Spanish Bay was absolutely a delight and that was when I had my worst round of the year

Overall it was still an absolutely wonderful day at an absolutely spectacular golf course. I didn’t have as many pars, but I did get my birdie!

I’ll definitely go back again!