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Golf Course Review Verrado Golf Club (Victory) Buckeye Arizona

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Verrado Golf Club Buckeye Arizona

Golf Course Review Verrado Golf Club (Victory) Buckeye Arizona. #GolfCourseReview @VerradoGolfClub #Golf #Victory #Buckeye #Arizona #Breaking

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Check out the latest golf course review below for the Verrado Golf Club.

Verrado Golf Club (Victory)

Buckeye, AZ
Reviewed by:  UNCLEDDBOY23, Peoria, Arizona

Overview: The Victory Course at Verrado Golf Club opened on Fri 2/10/17 and will be open for “preview” play until the end of April. The course will then close until the “grand opening” in October/November of 2017. At that point in time the clubhouse will be built and will be open to the public. Verrado Golf Club now has 36 holes of golf, but the courses are roughly 1.5 miles away from each other. Rates at Victory right now are $99 before 1:30 pm, $79 after 1:30 pm (twilight rate) and $49 after 3:00 pm (super twilight rate).

Clubhouse and Practice Area: Temporary trailer right now. and there was a little bit of merchandise in the pro shop. The golf shop assistant was very friendly and wanted our opinion of the course after we finished our round. We played after 1:30 pm, so the rate was $79, but my friend lives in Verrado so they gave me the $10 discount too. Very surprised that they did this, and she said “no problem at all”. Practice balls were include in the rate.
Practice area was expansive and of course was in great shape. An opportunity here would be to get some practice balls that were not hard as rocks. They were brand new Taylor Made balls, but could not tell what type, but were very hard. Drove up to the practice putting green and it was very nice. It reminded me of the practice putting green at Wickenburg Ranch. A lot of undulation and the greens were rolling at about a 9 on the stimp. The greens ran about the same on the course, but this was to be expected because they want them to mature before they cut them to a faster speed.

Course: A tremendous layout that will only get better in time. The course is set up in the White Tank Mountains and gives you great views of the West Valley, Downtown Phoenix and the University of Phoenix Football Stadium. The course starts by going straight east for the first five holes and then turns back toward the northwest and almost right up against the White Tank Mountains. I think that holes 6 thru 9 are the best grouping of holes on the course, and 18 is a great finishing hole. The course has boulders on each of the holes and I like how the architect (Tom Lehman) incorporated boulders on the side of many of the bunkers. People might call it unfair that bunkers might have large rocks on the outside of them, but it brings a unique touch to the course. Fairways were in very good condition and the rough was not very penal. The greens, as stated earlier were a little slow, but they need to mature and develop a good base before they are cut to a faster speed. The greens had good grass coverage and often had false fronts, sides or backs. The wind will be a consistent test because it seems like it always blows 10-15 miles or higher in the Town of Buckeye.
I would have to say that my favorite two holes were the par 5 8th hole and the par 5 18th hole. The 8th hole is a double dog leg that aims right back up the Whitle Tank Mountains and is the highest spot on the course. This 18th hole is also a double dog leg that encourages you to cut off as much water as you want on the tee shot and then forces you to shoot to the green that sits in a little bit of a box canyon. The clubhouse is going to be built right above the 18th green. It should be a great theater setting when the sun is going down and people are coming up the 18th fairway.

Final Thoughts

Could not use your GPS because the course is not set up for that yet. Nice yardage numbers on the fairway and some of the rough sprinkler heads. but no yardage blocks on any of the tees. I felt that this was very strange and mentioned this as an opportunity. So you had to use the tee markers and the score card yardage together and then you could “eye ball” the yardage. This is something that will be fixed by the fall grand opening. I believe that Tom Lehman did a great job in designing the course and believe that it will only get better as it matures. Take a look at the video that I took from the 18th tee looking back up to the green. I have it on my Instagram site … same name as my name.