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GCR5-Thursday Golf Course Review Greenskeeper.Org

Willows Run Golf Club (Coyote Creek)

Redmond, WA

#GolfCourseReview @WillowsRunGolf #Golf #COYOTECREEK #Redmond #Washington

Willows Run Golf Club Coyote Creek Course Redmond Washington
Willows Run Golf Club Coyote Creek Course Redmond Washington

Reviewed by: jamesph99, Redmond
Walked on yesterday morning (Saturday, 8/12/17) as a single, was grouped with a three some and teed off at 6:30.

Played at a very nice pace, finishing the round in just under four hours.

Greens were pretty good, they looked like they would be a bit bumpy but actually rolled decently. Medium to quick pace, and holding solidly struck shots. Fairways weren’t very consistent, there were lots of dry spots like you would expect with the lack of rain recently, but some places were actually very muddy and wet. In general I had no trouble playing from them and always had a pretty good lie. Rough was very lush, quite long and definitely penalizing. They are definitely giving the course plenty of water. I found the green-side bunker short of #8, and it was quite thin. Seeing as I’ve played here a lot, I was ready for that as I’ve never seen that bunker have a decent amount of sand. Tee boxes remain the weakest part of the course, very rarely are they level.

While there are some shortcomings with the place, it was a decent experience.

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