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Mt Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

Mt Woodson Golf Club

GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

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Mt. Woodson Golf Club

Teed it up at Mt.Woodson Golf Club yesterday with sixpez, AndrewZ28 and Rat-Patrol for a GK Review Guru round. Huge fun hanging out with those guys on one of favorite layouts in Southern California.

Last time I was here was for a GK Event back in 2012, the course was pretty brown and dry that day. Over the years it was painful to read many disappointed reviews of the conditions. Well after playing today I give Mt. Woodson the total GREEN LIGHT. And from talking with the GM and new owner, there is a big commitment of not only keeping it that way but improving. In addition to improving the playing conditions they are currently improving the club facilities. In fact they are even going to add a small 60 foot warm-up area within the year comprising of 4 stales. To me that has always been a knock against Mt. Woodson with no area to loosen up the swing before playing.

IMO, the seclusion, scenic beauty, challenge and overall ambiance experienced at Mt. Woodson Golf Club make it a truly unique experience. Its target golf exactly as it should be. The conditions of the golf course right now with lush fairways and healthy smooth greens are a pleasure. The rough is a mix of mostly lush, although at times thin and dry, challenging Bermuda grass that will provide you a nice fluffy lie or tough escape if the ball is sitting down. Most tee boxes as expected with limited area and often subjected to iron/hybrid shots on many par 4’s have divot damage. But its easy to find a nice level spot on the tee with grass so they don’t impact your game. The bunkers are dramatic and bold on the course but like so many courses in Southern California right now are on the dry thin crispy side of things.

I think its time for GK to return to Mt. Woodson Golf Club with a GK Plays outing…also we should have a GK Certificate deal posted soon. Highly Recommended.

Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

I played with Johnny, Sixpez and Rat-Patrol on Thursday, 7/21 as a GK Guru foursome. Really cool to be able to do this. Such an incredible price and just really, really cool to see the courses opening up to this and seeing the value. I will definitely play as a Guru as much as possible!

As for the course, Mt. Woodson, oh how I’ve missed you! I think it’s been about 10-ish years since I have been out there and I was instantly reminded how big of an idiot I’ve been by doing so, Mt. Woodson is rad! There are very few places around San Diego/SoCal with as much natural beauty as Mt. Woodson. With the hills, trees, canyons, boulders, etc. you really feel absolutely secluded out there, even with a few houses around. Just a fantastic place to tee it up!

I have always had a soft spot in my heart for the layout. It’s a really short course at around 5700 yards (par 70) but don’t get tricked into thinking it’s a walk in the park. This course has some teeth and after the round I think the best thing about it is it’s actually somewhat forgiving off the tee for a tight course (as long as you play smart). The really strategy on this course (in my opinion) comes on approach shots. The greens aren’t overly large or undulating, but do provide some thinking to keep yourself out of trouble. It’s really just a fun approach to the game and I could see playing this place over and over and never getting bored. You could play the course so many different ways it’s just awesome.

As for the conditions of the course, all I can say is, WOW! This is more about how much better Mt. Woodson looks than it did in the past. I have to say, I’ve been reading reviews from rudyclub about the place and even talked to him about it and he said it’s really coming around, but I was more than surprised. The new owners are putting some serious love into this place and I’m so stoked to see where they go with it.

The entire course was very lush, which was a surprise. I would almost say that it was too lush at times with the fairways and tees having just slightly too much turf when it comes to short irons. If you really hit down on it, you could almost get a flyer. That’s really being picky because I had pure lies all day long. Just really consistent, solid coverage.

Tees were good enough. Being a short course they take a beating because even the par 4s have people hitting irons of them, but really, you can use a tee so I’m not sure you need anything other than a flat stance and that wasn’t a problem.

I found a few bunkers and the sand was really good. Not too fluffy, not too hard. There are some tricky greenside bunker shots, so it’s nice that they give you a surface to have a chance from.

I thought the greens were really, really solid. We were guessing that they were running about 9-9.5 on the stimp, but they were smooth, held their lines and shots and in general were just really healthy. I could see them firming them up just a tad and they’d be epic. But seriously, great surfaces.

Everyone on the staff we had the pleasure to meet were great. Just really friendly people with genuinely good attitudes and I really appreciate it. You can tell there’s a lot of pride in the place.

I will absolutely be going back to Mt. Woodson again soon and often. I got my butt kicked out there and I’m ready to exact some revenge 🙂 It’s just such a fun and beautiful place to play golf, it will be a short time when it’s one of the better places to play in San Diego again.

**They are building a new grill/restaurant so the food options are limited, however they carry some solid local brews in cans for the course which is a HUGE plus in my book. Swami’s!!

Go play Mt. Woodson and thank me later!

Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review
Mt. Woodson Golf Club GK Review Guru Golf Course Review

Took advantage of the GK Review Guru deal today and joined JohnnyGK, Rat-Patrol and AndrewZ28 for an 11:00 tee time here. We teed off a little early and enjoyed a nice relaxed pace. Nice breeze kept it from being too hot this afternoon.

I’ve been hearing good things about Mt. Woodson lately, but always take them with a grain of salt because this course has had so many ups and downs in recent years. I was hoping for something decent because I really love this course and it’s been a few years since my last visit. Like Jim said, it’s not just in good shape compared to how it has been. It is just in very good shape right now and that makes me happy. Tee boxes have a lot of divots because the teeing areas are small and so many people are hitting irons off tees, but I never had a problem teeing it up in a good level spot. The fairways were great. There are a few little brown spots here and there, but mostly they are super fluffy and green. I always had ideal lies! The rough is not deep, but thick and just sticky enough to make you work. The bunkers are on a thin/crunchy side. Playable, but could use some fresh sand. The greens were receptive and rolling at medium speeds.

This has always been a personal favorite of mine and an ideal representation of what good “target” style golf is all about. It is very unique in its presentation and it is such a beautiful rural setting with the oak trees, boulders and hills. I am so glad to see it turning around and it seems the new ownership is really making a major effort. The new pro shop is pretty basic and they are currently under construction for a full grille area. Currently, they just have a limited food menu with typical snacks and drinks. I hope it’s not another few years before I return. Seeing and playing this course in nice shape again reminded me why I have such an affinity for it.

Played today at 11 am with fellow GK Guru’s sixpez, AndrewZ28 and the man himself JohnnyGK. I hadn’t played here in about 20 years for one reason or another and after todays visit those reasons are about all gone. We found the course in very nice condition, and I don’t mean “in very nice condition considering the past”, I mean, very nice condition.
We played the Blues which seem rather tame on paper at only 5764 yards, but with a slope of 133 that yardage can pack a punch. The layout is quite enjoyable with a couple sets of holes that, ‘appear’ similar, but play quite differently and can catch you off guard if you assume one is like the other. This is a thinking players course, an approach shot course, where positioning your ball is very important. Course knowledge can lead to better and better scoring. Knowing where to be is a big asset.
Tees: mostly level with good coverage
Fairways: always had a good lie and 90% green with only a few small brownish areas
Rough: not long but sticky and thick, the ball tends to sit down
Bunkers: I was in a couple green side traps that weren’t “fluffy” but very playable and well maintained
Greens: tricky, undulating and tricky, being in the proper area of the green makes putting a bit easier, but I had trouble reading them . . . again course knowledge will make things much easier
Layout: fun and varying, plus the bridge leading to the third hole is really cool! There are houses around, but not in play.
Customer service: very good, saw the snack cart a few times and there were water stations with cold water on a hot day
Overall: I will be back soon, the course is great fun and is now in real good condition! I was worried about the temperatures being in the 90’s, but the breeze made it very comfortable.
Not a walkers course
Definitely recommended