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New and Improved Greenskeeper.Org Homepage

New & Improved Greenskeeper.Org

Faster, More Information, Larger Print

New and Improved Greenskeeper.Org Homepage

It’s a new and improved

The Greenskeeper.Org staff just completed a slight revamp of the main Greenskeeper.Org Homepage.  “We wanted to focus attention on our core content,” said John Hakim, founder of ”  We wanted to ensure our vibrant GK Community could get this information quickly.”

“With aeration season just around the corner for Desert Area golf courses such as Palm Springs, this homepage update is just the added boost needed to help get core content to our discerning golfer.  We realize our core group of GKers are avid golfers.  That means they play a lot of golf — more than 25 rounds yearly.  Getting that information into their hot hands was paramount,” Hakim said.

For the record avid golfers according to the NGF (National Golf Foundation) represent a small segment of the golfing public (10%) yet account for over 70% of all revenue generated by golf course operators.  “Getting this information into their hands quickly and easily improves what already is a stellar reputation among avid golfers and our golf course operators,” says Hakim.

“As you can see, the Golf Course Review snipets have been improved.  The print is larger and easily legible.  The forums are more robust showing how active our community is as well as showcasing our latest posts of our very active forums.  Finally,” says Hakim, “we have strengthened and shortened our left column to showcase the sections of the country we provide considerable information.  All this combined with a decent load time gives everything a GKer or casual user of our website could want and more.”

Faster is Better for Blog.Greenskeeper.Org

We have streamlined our storefront.  We have cut the fat, literally, to help speed loading of the site.  Hopefully you will agree it’s another improvement.  Not only will it load faster but you have faster access to all the golf course tee time specials Greenskeeper.Org has been creating for our GK Community.

Check out our new and improved interface.  Also check out the improved Blog.Greenskeeper.Org website for your latest deals on golf.

Greenskeeper.Org has made significant improvements to the Blog.Greenskeeper.Org website as well to help improve sales of the GK Coupon, GK Certificates and #GKPlays Outings.  All this to improve our place as THE source for golf course reviews and golf tee time specials.

All this is in preparation for our eventual launch of the Greenskeeper.Org Mobile Application.  Be sure to check back with us often for the latest news and release of this really great mobile app.