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#Own125 Wedge Distance Control

Wedge Distance Control #OWN125

Wedge Distance Control

You probably already know Cleveland Golf is our latest sponsor at and  Part of our continuing series and our Monday Golf Clinic we have Pelz Corner courtesy of Cleveland Golf.  This episode we deal with Wedge Distance Control.  Check it out.  #Own125.

In this weeks episode, Dave explains how to control your wedge distance by using a simple timing method.

Cleveland may not be your first choice for your “Go-To” club 125 yards and in but at the very least these very informative videos will help you hone your game, shave strokes; save pars or make more birdies.

Know Before You Go and save strokes with Greenskeeper.Org.


You can be that player that can save par, make that crucial birdie.  And it’s all possible through the short game.  #Own125.  Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t count until it goes in.