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Recent Golf Course Review @ElkinsRanchGC #Golf Filmore California

GCR4-Wednesday Golf Course Review Greenskeeper.Org

Elkins Ranch Golf Course

Fillmore, CA

#Recent #GolfCourseReview @elkinsranchgc #Golf #Filmore #California

Reviewed by: kviser, Saugus, CA

Playing Conditions 6.63 GOOD
Playing Conditions 6.63 GOOD

Played here on Saturday, Dec. 30. I called and was placed with another group at the 7:44 tee time; it was with a couple, the gentleman playing and his wife riding. I paid $43 to walk. It was not really crowded but the first three groups had big, hole-and-a-half gaps between them and nobody was going anywhere fast so I decided to just enjoy the fine SoCal winter weather of cool, clear mornings and warm afternoons. Pace of play was about 4.5 hours.

Speaking of winter, the course is mostly dormant with the exclusion of the greens. True, there are areas of rough with some fescue grass that is green. Mostly it was dormant kikuyu and Bermuda grass.

On a scale of 10:
Greens: 7. They rolled true and medium fast. Not a lot of ball marks. Soft and receptive.
Fairways: 6. Good coverage and nice to hit from, but not very pretty as it is dormant.
Rough: 5. I noticed a couple of really wet areas and some areas of deep kikuyu that was difficult to hit from. Probably not the fault of the grass, though.
Sand Traps: 8. Lots of nice, white, fluffy sand that was well groomed.
Tees: 6. Nice and level for the most part. A few need some rehabilitation of the grass. 16 tee was mostly a disaster; however, it’s always like that.

All in all, I would pick this over most anything available near Santa Clarita for what I paid due to the fact that the greens were fairly nice. The $43 rack to walk is a bit on the high end; however, this course sees a lot of afternoon play since the fees drop nicely for twilight.

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