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Recent Golf Course Review Rustic Canyon #Golf #Moorpark California

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Rustic Canyon Golf Course

Moorpark, CA

#Recent #GolfCourseReview

Reviewed by: GDR23, Thousand Oaks

Playing Conditions 7.06 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.06 GREAT

Walked the blues 1st twilight group off this afternoon 1/2/2018 at 12 noon joined by my buddy RGM2525 and a very nice father/son combo Ben and Guy. POP was 4 hours 30 minutes not really being pushed and waiting some on the front nine. Paid $22.00 which is their standard twilight walking rate Mon-Thu.

Rustic with the hard winter conditions is playing like I think the architects envisioned it.

The greens were beautiful receiving high irons with spin and putting pretty nicely–would say medium to fast pace. Maybe a 10.5–little quicker on downhillers. They seemed very firm on chips. Rated 8/10–highlight of the course.

Tees mostly level–mix between dormant and green grass. Rated 7/10

The fairways are firm and running forever. A low ball hitter will be getting an extra 20 yds or so at present time. Some firmer tight lies out there for iron play but nothing to unplayable. Rated 6/10

Was in one greenside bunker on #6 that contained firm raked sand that you need to open the face for sure and get more sand. Rated 6.5/10

The rough along the fairways is pretty mush dormant, brown and thin. There are certain sections like left of 18 that are green and lush. Some of the greenside rough is green and lush. Hard to give an overall rating to the rough.

Rustic still has its bones in the winter. Great place to work on tight lies, work on your overall game in the wind and refine your short game. Recommended.

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