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@theSCGA #MembershipDrive 2016-2017 #JoinUs

2017 SCGA Membership Use Code GREENSKEEPER

SCGA Membership Drive 2016-2017

The SCGA Needs You!

SCGA Southern California Golf AssociationAnd you need the SCGA.

Why you may ask? The answer is simple.

The SCGA needs avid golfers like yourself because we are the lifeblood of their industry.  As an avid golfer who plays more than 24 rounds of golf yearly, we account for over 70% of all repeat business and revenue for a golf course operator; based upon their statistics.  We help keep the game of golf alive and well for golf course operators.

membercardOur personal need for the SCGA is simpler.  As a member of the SCGA we get to take advantage of some of the spectacular deals on golf, get to play courses we wouldn’t ordinarily play and maintain an official handicap in the process.  Because we play so much golf we crave playing other courses off the beaten track, and the SCGA affords us that opportunity at discounted prices.

Purchase your 2017 SCGA membership now and get the rest of 2016 FREE.

So take advantage of this unique opportunity.  Click HERE and become an SCGA member today!  Use Coupon Code: GREENSKEEPER at checkout!