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Who are the Etiquette Nerds?

Golf Etiquette Videos by the Etiquette Nerds

Another Golf Etiquette Video?

Not exactly another golf etiquette video.  You’ve seen their videos here on Blog.Greenskeeper.Org.  You’ve laughed at some of their campy yet informative videos.  Now find who they are.

The Etiquette Nerds are not just about golf etiquette videos.  They are full service golf instruction; providing not only one on one golf lessons but also online golf instruction videos and clinics in addition to golf etiquette videos.  The Etiquette Nerds comprise of the dynamic duo Jeff Harrison and Amy Anderson from SwingPointMedia.  SwingPointMedia is a multi-media company specializing in using video to help market your small to medium-sized company.

Jeff Harrison - Etiquette Nerd, SwingPointMedia
Jeff Harrison – Etiquette Nerd, SwingPointMedia

Jeff Harrison has been a student of the game of golf all his life.  He is an industry veteran and PGA Golf Professional and Instructor since 1975.  He is the former Director of Golf Sales and Marketing for La Quinta Resort and PGA West.  Also Head Golf Professional at Mission Hills Country Club and Director of Instruction at Mission Hills Learning Center as well as Lead Instructor for the First Tee of Coachella Valley.

Amy Anderson has been in the golf business for the past 15 years.  She is a LPGA teaching professional

Amy Anderson - Etiquette Nerd, SwingPointMediaAmy Anderson - Etiquette Nerd, SwingPointMedia
Amy Anderson – Etiquette Nerd, SwingPointMedia

with most of her golf career spent in Colorado, she is a recent transplant to the Coachella Valley.  Amy is currently involved in the development and continuing Program Director for LPGA Girls Golf in Palm Desert California through the First Tee of Coachella Valley.  She also a Volunteer and Lead Instructor for the First Tee of Coachella Valley.

They are they heart and soul of SwingPointMedia, company dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses develop and expand an online presence utilizing the power of video.  Just like their camp yet punchy Etiquette Nerd videos, they offer great content with focused marketing powered by video.

Etiquette Moments by the Etiquette Nerds?


Amy and Jeff developed these short video messages as a way to work with their past golf students.  Being based in the Coachella Valley, many of these students were seasonal.  Snow Birds for example would live and work in Canada but come winter; play in Palm Springs.  Video was found to be a valuable tool to keep in touch with them.  They soon discovered it could not only reinforce their golf lessons but they could create discussion with them as well and the topics ranged from the golf rules and pace of play to golf etiquette.

Needless to say these videos became quite popular.  Soon Jeff and Amy were sharing these videos with other golf courses and instructors in Canada, Europe, Australia and Asia.  Word of this popularity reached the Golf Hall of Fame.  PGA America even wrote a nice article about the Etiquette Nerds.  To date Jeff and Amy have created over 120 different videos on topics ranging from the rules of golf, to on-course etiquette to pace of play, to how to care for the course as well as the driving range.  They have approximately 50 videos covering topics such as putting, driving the ball and even on-course strategies.  Videos expanded to now include instructional videos to help their students after their lesson.

Because a majority of their clients are seasonal SwingPointMedia this past year developed an online golf learning program.


Called The Online Golf Clinic this new service allows anyone to become a member, giving full access to our library of drills, as well as participate in their monthly live streaming interactive clinics.  Their desire is to continue to be a help to golfers of all ages, allow them to reach their potential and enjoy the game.  These interactive video clinics are transmitted to their golf students anywhere.  And finally to the golfer receiving instruction SwingPointMedia provides a weekly, short, informative, and fun video they call Etiquette Moments.

Interested in a golf lesson?  Click HERE.  Interested in a few examples of Jeff and Amy’s Online Golf Clinic, select one of the links below.

The Bunker Shot Video

The Lag Putt Video

To find out more about the Online Golf Clinic and their long list of videos contact Jeff Harrison directly at

Check out what the Etiquette Nerds, Jeff and Amy, are up to.  Watch Etiquette Moments by the Etiquette Nerds every Thursday here on Blog.Greenskeeper.Org.