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What is a GK Guru?

Taking “Know Before You Go” with Greenskeeper.Org to the Next Level

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GK Gurus are individuals that have distinguished themselves as rock-solid contributors to Greenskeeper.Org.  They provide informative golf course reviews that help golfers decide where to play their next round of golf.  We influence the influencers.

Over the past 12+ years Greenskeeper.org has stood firmly to it’s creed and registered trademark “Know Before You Go” ®. It’s website and contributing users have earned respect from fellow golfers and golf course operators as a legitimate source for golf course information.

Becoming recognized as a Guru is by invitation only and selected exclusively by the Founder of Greenskeeper.org, JohnnyGK. Once recognized as a Guru, a golfer receives many added benefits.  We want you to continue to contribute helpful, detailed golf course reviews on Greenskeeper.org.

Think you have what it takes to become a GK Guru?  Love to write golf course s that are informative and accurate that other golfers find useful?  Then join us at Greenskeeper.Org.  Click HERE.  Membership is FREE.  Start today and write your first golf course .

What does it take to become a GK Guru?

This is not a complete list but should get your down the proper path to becoming a GK Guru and a valued member of the GK Community.

Why many voices are better than a single voice.
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