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What is a GK Review Guru?

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GK Review Gurus are individuals that have distinguished themselves as rock-solid contributors to Greenskeeper.Org.  They provide informative golf course reviews that help golfers decide where to play.

Over the past 12+ years Greenskeeper.org has stood firmly to it’s creed and registered trademark “Know Before You Go” ®. It’s website and contributing users have earned respect from fellow golfers and golf course operators as a legitimate source for golf course information.

Becoming recognized as a Review Guru is by invitation only and selected exclusively by the Founder of Greenskeeper.org, JohnnyGK. Once recognized as a Review Guru, a golfer receives many added benefits.  We want you to continue to contribute helpful, detailed golf course reviews on Greenskeeper.org.

Think you have what it takes to become a GK Review Guru?  Love to write golf course reviews that are informative and accurate that other golfers find useful?  Then join us at Greenskeeper.Org.  Click HERE.  Membership is FREE.  Start today and write your first golf course review.

What does it take to become a GK Review Guru?

This is not a complete list but should get your down the proper path to becoming a GK Review Guru and a valued member of the GK Community.

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