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Desert Willow Golf Resort (Firecliff)
Palm Desert, CA
By roarksown1
Posted: 9-11-2017

Desert Willow (Firecliff) just seems to keep getting better and better each time I play it. And this past Sunday was no exception. Headed out for a Guru day with Nick (Nickesquire), Tim (Rudyclub) and Gus (Adigitalg87) at 7am from the blue tees with an incredible deal thanks to Johnny yet again. The best part? The awesome staff at DW offered to let us play the Mountain View 18 gratis – they love them some GK!

Excellent conditions at Firecliff without a doubt. The greens were in the best shape that I’ve ever seen them with only a few dried out areas on some of the later greens, but overall really nice. Rolls were pure and true, speeds were medium-fast and there was no trouble getting balls to hold on to the greens after well-struck shots. Fairways looked pretty close to perfect in almost all areas, and the sand in the bunkers was a nice consistency. Tee boxes? Great. The rough was also not too penal but there are a lot of undulations in the fairways and a lot of bunkers to navigate if wayward so (as per usual) keep it in the short stuff.

Really fun layout at Firecliff and a good opportunity to use those long irons and hybrids – the course definitely plays longer that its yardage from the blues at least. There are some really picturesque areas too with a lot of the water that comes into play and it’s all rather idyllic. Some very tough holes too to challenge your game – nothing is given away cheaply here.

Great cart service in and around the course, fantastic range area with free balls and a nice chipping and putting section as well. The staff went above and beyond the call of duty this week and we were most appreciative of their efforts. In between rounds we also had a quality lunch in the restaurant that was very good.

Can’t really say enough about this course currently but it was a real treat and the DW staff made a really good day great thanks to their generosity and excellent customer service. It was also a lot of fun to play with the group we had as the guys were all in good spirits despite the heat and everyone clearly loves the game. Golf with good company is even better.


Harding Golf Course
Los Angeles, CA
By t8fish
Posted: 9-11-2017

Went over to Griffith Park Sunday, 9/10, to see what was available. Wilson was restricted to some tournament play, so about 40 minutes after arrival I was actually teeing off @10:00 on Harding in a foursome composed of singles.

The conditions overall were really pretty good. Coverage on everything from tee boxes to fairways and greens reflect the effects of the wet winter — well established, thick grass, with the usual, occasional brown or worn area — nothing to complain about or detract from the overall conditions. The rough was worth an extra mention. As uniform as anyplace I’ve played lately, it was usually not long enough to lose a ball, (although I did in one thick stretch,) but it was grabby and would cost you. Relentless in its consistency, I never seem to catch a favorable, fairway-like patch when I ended up there. The greens were pretty clean on the whole, and ran at a reasonable, medium pace. Bunkers were generally groomed and only slightly firm.

I expect a slow round here on a Sunday, but it was worse than usual approaching a 5.5 hr round — more waiting on the early holes followed by a slow but steady remainder. I’m usually happy to spend more time at golf, but I admit that walking on a warm, slightly humid day, it started feel like a grind towards the end and I was losing focus. That said, the group was pleasant and the conditions make it worth a recommendation.

Indian Wells Golf Resort (Celebrity)
Indian Wells, CA
By Nickesquire
Posted: 9-11-2017

Played the Blues (6642/72.3/133) with Sixpez, Roarksown1 and Mattias in 4.5H twilight. Fun group to play with!. The weather was around 100, slight breeze and overcast.

The course was in good late summer shape. Tougher than average layout, up/down hills and the large greens complexes are challenging. Celebrity has a unique way of getting to a par 72. Fourteen par 4’s with only two par 5’s and two par 3’s, seems weird to play seven par 4’s on each side. Normally, that would be a detriment, but the par 4’s here all have a different feel/look, good mixture of longer and risk/reward holes to keep things fun and interesting. This course would be a beast to walk as numerous holes are a ways from the last green.

The Bermuda tees were mostly lush with most divots already properly repaired. No challenges getting level lies.

The Bermuda fairways were mostly lush and provided good lies.

The Bermuda rough was mostly lush and not overly penal.

The sand traps were in good shape overall. Decently maintained with nice fine sand.

The Bermuda greens were disappointing. Medium slow, somewhat bumpy and firm with few ball marks.

The customer service was exceptional. I have never played a course that has any better customer service than IW. Very nice layout in good, but not great late summer condition. Highly recommended.

Eagle Falls Golf Course
Indio, CA
By Nickesquire
Posted: 9-10-2017

Played the Eagle tees (6715/72.8/133) in 4H, 20M with rudyclub and lotrgolfer48. Thank to Tim & Matt for a fun round! The weather was in the 90’s, overcast with little wind.

There are many individual holes that I really like on this layout. Par 72. Three par 3’s, three par 5’s and TWELVE par 4’s. Excellent mixture of risk reward, medium and longer par 4’s. so it’s keeps things interesting. The course was in excellent late summer condition overall. They do not offer twilight rates here, same price AD.

The Bermuda tees were lush and well maintained. No challenges with level lies.

Both the Bermuda fairways and rough were lush with occasional bare patches. VERY good considering they will be over seeding soon.

The sand traps were just okay, the only part of the course not well above average. It is a challenge with the wind to keep an adequate amount of sand in traps on the north side of I-10.

The Bermuda greens putted medium speed and were firm with few ball marks. Many greens had some pin placements where you could expect some fairly severe breaks.

If you missed the fairway, you hoped the rough caught it, because most holes have native areas that they play like a water hazard penalty where your ball is likely gone. There is also a generous amount of water hazards on this course, there are almost no holes where penalty shots are not just waiting to jump up and bite you on anything crooked.

The customer service was exceptional. The starter was very organized and on top of things, the groups were going off on time like clockwork. They have your name and tee time printed up waiting for you on the carts. There was a staff of cart people who transported your clubs from/to the parking lot and cleaned them after the round. Both the Marshall and drink cart were very present throughout the round. Complementary range balls are included with your golf fees. The carts were newer with advanced GPS including a video tour of each hole with tips on how to best play the hole.

Definitely recommended.

Indian Springs Golf Club
Indio, CA
By Nickesquire
Posted: 9-10-2017

Played the Blues (6386/70.7/124) in 2H, 45M as a single on dawn patrol. The weather was warm bordering on hot, breezy and partly cloudy.

The course was in pretty good condition for late summer.

The Bermuda tees were lush and maintained long. I had no issue finding a level stance with good grass on all tees.

The Bermuda fairways were lush and played well. They are also maintained long, which makes the course play longer because of the lack of roll.

The Bermuda rough was generally good, it plays better than it looks. The rough around the greens is very lush.

The greens were smooth, firm, medium speed and putted well. However, even well struck irons would release, stopping it even relatively close to your ball mark was almost impossible.

The sand traps were very nice, well maintained with medium texture brown sand.

The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. The carts are equipped with GPS. This would be a challenging course to walk because numerous tees are a hike from the last green because the course is split up between three different residential complexes. Fairly wide open layout with a good mixture of holes.

Good but not a great course, fun to play. Recommended if you desire a more modestly priced course in the Palm Springs area that is not too demanding.

Torrey Pines Golf Course (North)
San Diego, CA
By Rat-Patrol
Posted: 9-10-2017

First off at twilight, we were sent out about 10 minutes early and played in 4 hrs 20 mins, basically at our own pave until we caught the group ahead on 15. Two weeks since the greens were punched and sanded. There was a little evidence of the maintenance, sand, punch marks barely visible, but the greens were scruffy. Not cut tight or rolled or whatever it takes make them smooth putting surfaces. So they were a bit slow and bumpy . . . that and lots of unpaired/ill-repaired ball marks made holing putts difficult. Fairways were a bit shaggy, so little roll out and some areas of the rough were really long and in serious need of a mow!
Basically it’s Torrey and a great place to hit the little ball around, but maybe give it a week or two so they can get it back in a bit more manageable shape.

Ancil Hoffman Golf Course
Carmichael, CA
By elicht012
Posted: 9-10-2017

Played Ancil Hoffman on a $25 GolfNow Hot Deal with cart. 2:42pm Tee time on a Saturday. We played in 3:45, course was wide open because of the 95 degree heat.

I had heard good things about the course and really enjoyed my round. Challenging course due to a lot of large very old trees. Not an extremely long course, but if you aren’t straight off the tee box it is going to be a long day for you.

My only complaint is that due to the summer heat, the greens were very hard. Lots of good approach shots bounced off the green. Greens were in good shape and rolled well. I will be back, probably some time in the Spring to experience the course in peak shape.

El Dorado Park Golf Course
Long Beach, CA
By RDDenn
Posted: 9-9-2017

Played in a tourney today, scheduled for 10:00 am. Got off about a half hour late and played in 5 hours. Both were expected.

Really enjoyed the course today. Lush fairways, rough was a factor, and the green side bunkers were nice. They are working on some of the fairway bunkers which are GUR. Sure there were some bare areas and a few tee boxes were not level. Meanwhile the greens were fantastic. Quick and true. As good as poa gets. The scores in my club were pretty high I think because the greens were so fast. We had two four putt greens in my foursome. I was worried the course greens would not live up to the perfect practice greens but they were right there with them.

Sorry about going on about the greens but to some extent I rate a course based on them.

The cart lady was diligent, they have a well stocked snack stand at a convenient junction, and a barbecue at the turn. There is a lot to like at ElDo right now.

Alhambra Golf Course
Alhambra, CA
By 24hourgolf
Posted: 9-9-2017

Played yesterday in POP of 3 H. Course is in nice shape, presently. Though you will find some standing water areas (especially # 12) that you should watch for (they are working on the sprinkler system). They also verticut the greens yesterday and they came out fine and in great shape. Tee boxes are very good; fairways in nice shape and providing good roll and lies; no bunker issues from anyone; some rough around the greens that will cause some issues. Customer service excellent at all levels.

Legends Golf Club
Temecula, CA
By adb0406
Posted: 9-9-2017

Got a deal on GolfNow. Price is too much for this course. The greens, fairway, and tee boxes were in good to great shape. No complaint there. The sand traps were some of the worse I have seen. Grass is growing out of them in many places. The design is a little short. Lots of 4 irons 210 tee shots to a large dog leg. Two of the par 5’s have no chance for going for it. Overall the course is needs some attention and if the tee boxes could be moved back on a few holes, this would be as good as the other courses in the area.

Goose Creek Golf Club
Mira Loma, CA
By Steve Schnakenberg
Played: 9-8-2017

Goose Creek has recovered from fall thatching and fairways are moist but in great condition, carpet like in most areas. Greens are rolling fast and true, tee boxes are all in great shape, bunkers have more sand than usual so its easy to play from them. Rough is thin in spots but easy play from, the rough that isn’t thin is thick and club grabbing so must hit down on the ball with a good speed to advance the ball.

Indian Springs Golf Club
Indio, CA
By Nick Byrd
Played: 9-7-2017

Greens, Tees, Fairways 7
Rough 6
Sand 8

Played the Blues (6386/70.7/124) in 2H, 45M as a single on dawn patrol. The weather was warm bordering on hot, breezy and partly cloudy.

The course was in pretty good condition for late summer. Fairly wide open layout with a good mixture of holes. This would be a challenging course to walk because numerous tees are a hike from the last green because the course is split up between three different residential complexes.

The Bermuda tees were lush and maintained long. I had no issue finding a level stance with good grass on all tees.

The Bermuda fairways were lush and played well. They are also maintained long, which makes the course play longer because of the lack of roll.

The Bermuda rough was generally good, it plays better than it looks. The rough around the greens is very lush.

The greens were smooth, firm, medium speed and putted well. However, even well struck irons would release, stopping it even relatively close to your ball mark was almost impossible.

The sand traps were very nice, well maintained with medium texture brown sand.

The customer service was excellent from everyone encountered. The carts are equipped with nice GPS. Good but not a great course, fun to play. Recommended if you desire a more modestly priced course in the Palm Springs area that is not too demanding.

Azusa Greens Country Club
Azusa, CA
By Perry Kass
Played: 9-6-2017

Azusa Greens – the course I love to hate on. Before I mention that it’s a course that looks like it was designed and maintained by carneys – let me tell you what I like about AG. I love how the clubhouse looks like something from an Indiana Jones movie from the parking lot. I love the practice area where you can practice 30 to 50 yard shots on grass. I love the ancient range ball machine that looks like it should dispense balls with feathers inside.

Conditions are typical for AG. Ok with creeping sketchiness all around. Some bad spots and bad lies everywhere but playable where things are green.

Los Verdes Golf Course
Rancho Palo Verdes, CA
By Larry LaCross
Played: 9-6-2017

Played yesterday in a nice POP of 4 H. Course is in very nice shape presently. Tee boxes are level and clean; fairways are green, with good roll and lies; rough outside of fairways and some greens, is penal; bunkers are nice and playable; greens are in great shape and fast. Customer service is excellent at all levels. No doubt aeration is coming? So play it before that?

I would rate this – greens 6; bunkers 6; fairways 6; rough 6. Customer service excellent; worth the green fees – yes; challenging – yes; enjoyment – excellent.

Casta de Sol Golf Course
Mission Viejo, CA
By Author Grant
Played: 9-6-2017

Played Casta del Sol 09/06/2017, teeing off at 9:08am as a twosome trailing a foursome, and followed by a threesome. The course was full, and there was some wait to tee off on most holes as the weekly men’s league had tee’d off in the morning. Pace of play was just over four hours. Rate was $18 with cart and drink using the American Golf Players Club.

Weather at tee time was mid to upper 70’s, with a wisp of a breeze. As always Doug in the clubhouse was friendly and efficient. By the conclusion of our round it was in the upper 80’s and slightly uncomfortable.

Course has plays to a Par 61, @ 3,670 yards. The course features six par 4, and twelve par 3 holes, with a number of water hazards and elevation changes to keep things interesting.

Casta del Sol is my favorite local course. Largely because of the heat and the impact on my medical conditions I haven’t been playing as much as I would like, so I hadn’t seen the course in about four weeks. Because of the prolonged heat I was expecting to find heavily browned out fairways, dry thin tee boxes, and nonexistent rough. What I found surprised me.

I was paired with a really great guy named Gilbert, was a lot of fun, and a very good golfer. Because of the league play the course was busy, but the feel was laid back.
Carts are basic, no frills such as GPS, however they were clean and the divot mix bottles were full.

Tee’s were in excellent shape. Grass coverage was lush, green and groomed. Very little divot damage even on par threes. With the exception of the 11th tee, all tee boxes were level. Tee boxes have always been this courses week point, on this day they were a gem.

The fairways I expected to see browned out were green lush, with virtually no divot damage. Lies were as good as I have ever seen them on this course. We were playing in the late morning but there were no damp spots on the course.
Rough was green, lush, deep at approximately 4”. Rough around the greens were around two inches. The grass is healthy and provided good lies for the most part. Creeks were running full.

Bunkers as usual were in very good condition, good base, soft sand, perhaps a bit too much sand in a couple. The three I was in played well. I was in one bunker where someone left huge foot prints and didn’t rake the bunker, but this fortunately did not affect my lie or stance.

Greens were in excellent condition, playing medium fast on the front nine and then downshifting gears to run medium slow on the back nine. Pin placements were challenging, featuring either extreme front placements or tucked behind bunkers. Lots of fun.

I have been playing this course regularly for the last two plus years, and have never seen it in better shape.

River Ridge Golf Club (Vineyard Course)
Oxnard, CA
By Gary Riewer
Played: 9-5-2017

River Ridge Golf Club Oxnard California GK Coupon & Golf Tee Time Special
River Ridge Golf Club Oxnard California GK Coupon & Golf Tee Time Special

Walked the Tips at RiverRidge Vineyard Golf Course on Tuesday 9/5/2017 teeing off at 8:40am with some buddies(Matt,Mack and his buddy). Our POP behind several slower groups in the morning was 4 hours 30 minutes. Used the free birthday round that RiverRidge offers 2 weeks before or after your birthday–you just need to sign up with their e-club online and provide drivers license at clubhouse. Weather was beautiful-foggy in the morning and the sun came out on the back nine–mostly in the high 70’s. The Lakes course was closed due to aerification so the Vineyard course was crowded. I always enjoy RiverRidge’s beautiful and challenging layouts. The staff here is always very professional. Marshall’s provided a ride up the hill to 3 tee along with a ride from 13 green to 14 tee which was appreciated!

The greens were rated a 7/10 for me. They were listed as a 9.5 on the stimp in the pro-shop. I thought they putted medium to slow speed and were rolling fairly well with just a few bumps here and there. Very few divots and looked nice.

The fairways contained very lush green Kikuyu grass and you had perfect lies in the fairways. My buddy thought they were a little thick but I thought they were in very good shape for the end of summer. Rated 8/10

Was in fairway bunker on #17 that contained raked and more compact sand which was nice. Was not in any green side bunkers so could not rate them.

The tees were mostly level and lush containing Kikuyu grass. Some divots filled in with sand on the par 3’s. Rated 7/10

The rough is very healthy lining some of the fairways. Very green and a club grabber. They had some of the maintenance mowers cutting it down between #10 and #11 as we were playing. Rough rating 8/10.

Layout has some strong long par 4’s and a couple of tough par 3’s with one of them being the finishing island hole which was playing 215 to a back pin today plus a 10 mph breeze. Playing this course for free today was unbelievable. For the GK Coupon walking for $28 bucks in the morning is one of the better if not the best morning coupon that GK has around. Had a blast today capped off by an eagle chip in on hole 1.

Highly Recommended.

Hidden Valley Golf Club
Norco, CA
By Larry Quintana
Played: 9-5-2017

Tuesday, 9/5 I headed out to Hidden Valley since it had been several months since I had been there. Was actually looking forward to it as I have always enjoyed playing here. Well, except for the very nice couple I played with, it was a bit disappointing.

The starter’s area has moved. It’s now in the building next to the driving range and where the starter used to be is now a bar/restaurant. The starter was a kind of a cocky dude. Made the check in a challenge. As I was a single, he made no attempt to pair me up with another group which was odd. So I just headed out to the tee as suggested and paired myself with a very nice couple, teeing off around 11:30.

The kikuyu fairways were lush but could have used a lawnmower. Absolutely no roll out which made a big difference playing from the blues today. Some drives literally just stopped when they hit the ground. The rough was very thick and wet in some areas. I was only in one sand trap and it was very hard. Like concrete.

The greens were very average. Slow which is something I have never seen here as the greens have always been in great condition. Not sure if they are about to aerate.
After, I stopped in to see the new restaurant and to have a beer. Glad I did. The cute server made up for a disappointing day. Very friendly and fun to communicate with. I have always enjoyed playing here and have seen the course in much better condition than today. Not giving up on this place but hope things improve when I return.

Balboa Park Golf Course
San Diego, CA
By James Davis
Played: 9-5-2017

Played Balboa Park GC on Tuesday 9/5. Found the course in good shape all around with the bunkers being newly full of nice deep soft sand! I’ll have to learn how to play out it once again, although I nearly holed out from the bunker behind the 17th green. Tees were nice, rough is short but thick and sticky, fairways are great to hit from with a bit of roll out and the greens were in GREAT shape! A few ball marks, but rolling med fast and well. Well worth playing right now!

Monarch Beach Golf Links
Dana Point, CA
By David Broomhall
Played: 9-5-2017

The course had its usual excellent customer service. The wind was blowing pretty hard, and was mostly the opposite of the usual wind direction, which made #8 and #9 play a little shorter than usual. Tee boxes and fairways are showing wear from the heat and dry conditions, which is typical this time of year, but the course was still very playable. Bunkers were in pretty good shape, although damp in spots. The greens were a little lumpy, which was unusual because they are usually very smooth. It may be that it was late in the afternoon when we played, so it had grown a little during the day, and the long shadows showed any little imperfection, including footprints from earlier groups.

POP was fine: the marshals do a generally good job of keeping things moving, even though it’s a high dollar resort course, and that we appeared to tee off shortly after a tournament. My buddy has joined their club that gives a pretty decent twilight price, so we play it pretty regularly. I’d say that Monarch Beach is my favorite course in the OC, with the possible exception of perhaps Oak Creek (which I don’t play much because it’s too expensive), and this outing was no exception.

Wilson Golf Course
Los Angeles, CA
By Robert Burns
Played: 9-4-2017

We were expecting a long Labor Day round this past Monday, but somehow snagged a foursome last minute at a reasonable time (9:52am), so perhaps all was not lost. Well, luckily the course was in better shape than the POP, but it was still a good day with good friends on a nice course.

It was the first time back on Wilson in over a year as most times it’s always so crowded that it’s much easier to simply jump on Harding, but again, we got a tee time set so it was a nice change of pace. Pace is generous though as we did effectively wait to tee off on almost every single hole and ended up finishing in a little over five hours.

More importantly though, the golf and course conditions were pretty good. Some fairways were even quite lush, but the majority were good and very playable, while a few had some thin areas, GUR and no shortage of small gopher holes that seemed to have no business being there. But overall, not too shabby and far more good lies than bad ones.

The rough at the moment is playing very thick and difficult. One of my playing partners was none to happy about that. But I found it to be just the right amount of penal, yet workable. I was in two bunkers throughout the round and found the sand to be good, not great – pretty standard LA Muni conditions when it came to the bunkers. Tee boxes were a little shaggy but mostly level.

Greens are in good shape. Medium speed (faster as day progressed), good rolls and quite receptive to incoming approach shots. As seems to be the case a lot of late, too many ball marks from people who just don’t care about what happens behind them. It’s a badge of honor to fix that thing!

No cart service throughout a hot day, but a very good snack shop at the turn (which at Wilson happens to be after the 10th hole). The layout is long and borderline interesting – good, long par 3s (but none too tricky), a few doglegs and a monster par 5 that’s a lot of fun. Bit of a love/hate with the closing hole at Wilson, but it’s a challenge as the last hole should be.

Overall, really good, fun day and the course is in nice shape. I’ve seen it better for sure, but it’s more than playable right now until the next aeration.

Moorpark Country Club
Moorpark, CA
By Tom Weber
Played: 9-4-2017

Played Moorpark Monday morning. Ridge/Creek. Second group off that morning behind a twosome who played at a very good pace. We finished in 2:40 and NEVER saw them beyond the first hole.

The course was in very good condition overall, greens rolled well, not as fast as I’d prefer, but decent pace. Fairways had plenty of grass and was well manicured. Only in one bunker and it was fine.

Staff was great, particularly the starter, Bob.. Everyone was friendly and helpful. Enjoyed a very fun quick round of golf. My only complaint is that I never get a chance to play the Canyon nine. I’ve only played here about 8 times, but never once have I played that nine?

Black Gold Golf Club
Yorba Linda, CA
By Aaron Stys
Played: 9-4-2017

I was lucky enough to return to Black Gold for the first time in at least five years on 9/4 and had a very good time. The customer service from the cart attendants, to the pro shop staff, to the beverage cart was great. My group teed off from the blues right at our scheduled 7:53am tee-time. Every single tee was in very good shape. The fairways were in very good shape as well with minimal GUR and all looked healthy & green. I hit one bunker all day and the sand was pretty good. The one area on this course which needs extra attention are the greens. Let me be very clear….the greens in general are smooth and roll great, AFTER everyone in the foursome fixes a few pitch marks. The front nine were worse than the back nine. Players need to fix their pitch marks! I know the greens are being aerified today & tomorrow, so hopefully they have time to heal, but I’ll wait to return until late fall or early winter.

Harbor Park Golf Course
Los Angeles, CA
By Micheal Asker
Played: 9-4-2017

I haven’t played here for many years but an old friend wanted to play 9 holes on Labor Day morning so I agreed. We teed up at 7:45 on time and finished at 9:45 for $22 walking. The course is surprisingly green and an easy walk. Conditions were better than I thought they would be for a muni and I enjoyed the lay out. Tee were fairly level, fairways were fairly lush, traps were good but many unraked, and the greens were soft and semi-smooth however were a little slow and bumpy. I didn’t remember much about this course since it had been so long but it was a good place to work on your game while enjoying the scenery. I don’t play nine hole tracks very often but Harbor Park is fun enough to want to return. My overall rating would be a 5 out of 10 for conditions and 6.5 for course lay-out and shot making needs. Give it a try if you only have time for 9 holes.

Shorecliffs Golf Club
San Clemente, CA
By Wendy Kaye
Played: 9-3-2017

I played Sunday, 9-3-17. It was a nice local and inexpensive escape from the heat with the strong ocean breezes that kicked in. I arrived about an hour early. The course was fairly empty so the (unnecessarily rude) guy in the pro shop said to just go play whenever I was ready. A nice threesome invited me to join them and off we went.

I don’t know anyone who considers this a favorite course, but it does have some fun and challenging holes in its very weird layout. Most of the course is narrow with some good blind shots and elevation changes. The ride through the sewer tunnels is always entertaining provided there isn’t a lot of stinky water in there.

Due to some crumbling hillsides, holes 5 & 6 are closed. Holes 9 and 10, which originally were par 5s, have each been split into a par 3 and 4. Conditions were pretty ok – actually about the best I’ve seen there. The fairways had very good grass coverage but there was way too much area that was so lumpy bumpy that severe ankle twistage was a real possiblilty. The greens varied from smooth and fast to scarred and slow. The sand in the bunkers was really good- deep, clean and soft. Overall the course looked nice with the vegetation between fairways and OB cut way back.

Shorecliffs will never be a top choice but it’s always better than not playing at all!

Omni La Costa Resort (Champions Course)
Carlsbad, CA
By Andrew Zanzig
Played: 9-2-2017

It was awesome playing last weekend. Loved it! Below is my review of La Costa. Had a great time!

I played in the GK Plays event at La Costa this past weekend on a crazy hot day for Carlsbad. I hadn’t played La Costa since they did the course renovations so I was really excited to get back. I’ve always thought La Costa was a really, really solid golf course but because the resort is so nice, they have the Tournament history and the overall feel is pretty luxurious that you’re expecting more of a “wow” factor. You don’t necessarily get that here, but what you do get is a really fun, challenging golf experience with fantastic service and facilities. I could definitely see myself giving this place a try more and more to have a better idea of how to play it.

There were a couple things I noticed about the layout that I think would go away or at least be mitigated with a few turns around the track. First, almost every green sits slightly elevated so there’s always that uneasiness when eye-balling distances and really feeling confident over the shots. Second, I felt almost the same off the tee but more so because of the superb bunkering and sightlines. There’s something about this course that just keeps you a little off balance and adds to the challenge. I like that!

As for the conditions of the course, I thought they were really good. I never had a bad lie in the fairway even if they weren’t deep emerald green. Really fun to hit all shots from, although some of those tight fairway lies to the elevated green will make you tighten up a bit :). One thing that was really noticeable was the high amount of ball marks on the greens. That’s really not the courses fault but wow, poor greens took a beating. With that being said, I never had one putt bounce off-line so it didn’t affect performance too much.

**Side note: I always wonder why a course of this caliber (or any for that matter) doesn’t have the starter give out divot tools and make it a point to show each group how to use them (and let them know it’s expected). I mean, the cost can’t be that much and that one reminder before the round would make a HUGE difference in whether or not people fix their marks.

POP was right at 4 1/2 hours and I really appreciated the on course service/marshalling keeping things moving. Saw the staff quite a few times.

All in all, La Costa is really cool place to play golf. The resort was busy and had a fun vibe going. It’s fun to see and feel that energy at a course when so many are pretty stuffy and quiet. Definitely had a great time and will be heading back soon to see if multiple rounds make the difference I think they would in scoring.

Cypress Ridge Golf Course
Arroyo Grande, CA
By Anthony Morales
Played: 9-2-2017

Played 9/2 with my dad, teeing off at 8:30 am with another twosome that we got paired with on an uncharacteristically hot day in Arroyo Grande where the temps reached 100 degrees.

The course usually plays very wet and did even with the high temps. Plenty of bite on all clubs, including my 3 wood which drove the green on 7. I actually got backspin on it instead of it bouncing through the green, and I had multiple wedge shots plug into the green.

Greens played inconsistently, some being fast others being terribly slow, and others being medium speed. Some of the greens had small punch marks that didn’t affect the putt too much, but those greens were the ones that were the slowest.

Fairways were lush, but also wet. Not a lot of roll out.

Rough was the highlight of the course. Thick and penal throughout. We even lost a few balls in it even though we saw where they went in at.

Tee boxes were pretty eaten up. Since the course is short, many of the par 4s had divot damage and all the par 3s were pretty bad. A few tee boxes were pretty uneven as well. We played the combos which are the most popular to play, so I imagine the tips were probably in better shape all around.

Overall, I wouldn’t pay full rake rate for this course in the condition it’s in right now. Usually, the greens alone make this course a go to spot, but when they aren’t rolling as true as they should it’s tough to pony up 100 bucks to go off early. If you sign up for the newsletter they run specials pretty regularly or go out for the twilight rate which is like 45 bucks. If the greens return to their form then this course is a must play in the area.