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Golf Course Reviews, Specials, Maintenance and Aeration Alerts.

Greenskeeper.org is that and so much more.

For the last 15 years Greenskeeper.org has been the inside source for Golf Course Conditions and maintenance alerts for the “avid” and “core” Golfer.

The “avid” Golfer as defined by the National Golf Course Operators Association (NGCOA) play a minimum of 25 regulation rounds or more in a year.  The “core” golfer play 8-24 regulation rounds per year.

From a report provided by the National Golf Foundation (NGF), “avid” Golfers account for 76% of the rounds played yearly per golf course.  They represent only 26% of the playing population of golfers, and most importantly account for 71% of revenue generated for the golf course operator.  “Core” Golfers are 30% of the golfing population, represent 18% of all rounds played yearly and account for 23% of revenue generated by golf course operators. (Refer to NGF:  Pyramid of Influence 2012)

This by no means is a small number.  In fact we represent that demographic of golfer most coveted by golf course operators.

We love golf.  It is a part of our lifestyle.  We are passionate about the sport of golf.  As a result, Greenskeeper.org. (GK) is Golf’s Social Network of over 65,000 members and growing.

Some facts about GK:

  • 65,000+ members of which 73% are “avid” golfers.
  • Over 1800 Golf Courses with Aeration & Maintenance Alerts for California, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, New Mexico, Washington, Oregon and Colorado.
  • 45,000+ Course Reviews
  • 40,000+ Course Condition Ratings
  • 20,000+ Course Photos
  • Golf Outings and Community Forums
  • 100,000+ visitors monthly of which 75% visit daily
  • 1.0 Million page views monthly and growing!

Our Mission Statement:

“To Help Golfers Enjoy Their Golf Experiences As Much As Possible”  by providing the most authentic and accurate information about golf courses. Simply put, to help golfers decide where to play. Info such as Recent Golf Course Reviews, Specials, Aeration and Maintenance Alerts, Tee Times, etc. “Know Before You Go!”®

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6 thoughts on “About Greenskeeper.org

  1. Thanks very interesting blog!

  2. How can I register friends to play in my group for the La Quinta outing?

    1. Thom thanks for your interest. It’s quite simple. Please do the following.

      1. Under the product you are going to purchase. You will see a section called PLAYER NAME. Enter the name of one of the individuals you wish to add.
      2. Once you have entered that name, click ADD TO CART.
      3. You will get a confirmation above the product listing saying you have successfully added this product to your Cart.
      4. To add another individual, scroll down that product listing again and enter a different name under PLAYER NAME. Once complted click ADD TO CART.
      5. Rinse. Repeat for each individual you want to add.
      6. Once you have added all the names you wish to add You will notice the green bar above the product confirming you have successfully added that product to your cart. To the right is a button PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Click that button and you will visit your Shopping Cart.
      7. Please confirm all products and names are correct. To remove a product you can click the red X to remove that product.
      8. If everything looks OK scroll down a bit until you see PROCEED TO CHECKOUT. Click the Green button marked PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.
      Checkout Window. You can Guest Purchase here.
      9. Enter Billing Details here. Enter first, last name, email address and phone number and address city, state and zip.
      10. Once all information have been entered under Billing Details check the section marked YOUR ORDER.
      11. Please ensure items listed are correct with appropriate player name(s)
      12. Enter your CC information here with Expiration Date and CVC code.
      13. Click the box next to “I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions.
      14. Click the green button marked PLACE ORDER. If you are “purchasing” our FREE GK Coupons you do not have to enter any CC information. It would be nice to know who you are though. So please complete the billing details. This will allow you to receive your emailed PDF GK Coupons.
      15. this should complete the sales process and you will get a confirmation email with the PDF listing your purchase.
      16. You may print out the PDF for your records but we will know you have made a successful purchase and add you to the list.

  3. how in the world do I order coupons. I have tried and tried but can’t figure it >

    1. Golf4mpk. Thanks for your question. Please indicate the type of browser you’re using and version.

      Typically if you use Chrome you can “purchase” these free to download coupons by doing the following
      1. Find the GK coupon you want to download.
      2. Under player name enter the UNIQUE player name.
      3. Click Add to shopping cart
      4. Add as many GK coupons you wish to add and enter a unique player name for each
      5. Click on the shopping cart icon
      6. Click purchase.
      7 you can use our guest purchase so no need for an account.
      8. Follow the prompts to purchase the GK coupons. Since they are free you pay nothing. We do ask for you contact information to prove to participating golf courses you’re human and not some robot.
      If you continue to have difficulty please comment as soon as possible.
      Regards Vic/Ringworld.

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