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GK Plays Outings are small group format for 2 to 10 groups (8 - 40 players each group). Play golf with like-minded golfers in a comfortable setting at some of the most spectacular venues. We are golf's social network and you're invited! Click HERE to find out about our previous outings.

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Golf Tee Time Specials with the GK Coupon. FREE to Download.  Play more Golf.  Save money.  Take advantage of the savings.  Golf Tee Time Specials with GK Coupons.  Sponsored by golf course operators that understand the influence we bring helping golfers decide where to play their next round of golf.  Check out our Golf Course Specials, Tee Times, Coupons & Discounts. Support our Golf Course Operators.  Click HERE for additional savings.

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GK Birthday Specials

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Birthday Golf Specials with GK Coupons.  Celebrate your birthday with a round of golf. Invite your friends! Create a memorable day for you and your buddies! Click HERE for additional Birthday Golf Specials.

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