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10 Ways to Beat the Heat

The Sun can be good and bad. Learn how to cope and beat the heat.

10 Ways to Beat the Heat

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Yesterday was a scorcher here in the Southland.  It’s completely opposite to the what’s going on in Texas and on behalf of the staff here at Greenskeeper.Org our hearts and prayers go to the families and fellow golfers in Texas struggling through the aftermath of Hurricane Harry.

We have our own problems here and I have compiled a few tips — 10 in fact — to help you beat the heat here in Southern California.


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1. Stay Cool

I know it seems obvious but try to stay out of direct sunlight if at all possible.  Bring a towel just to keep yourself cool.  You can douse the towel in water and wear it around the back of your neck.  Doing this will drop your body temperature by at least 5 degrees.

2. Stay in the Shade

I realize the tendency for most golfers is to walk down the center of the fairway.  Drive or Walk instead along the shade of the trees.  That sun will zap all your strength if you let it.

3. Stay Hydrated.  Keep Alcohol consumption to a minimum.

I love a frosty cold one like any other.  However when the heat is this bad you want to concentrate on hydrating yourself with water and/or a electrolyte replenishing drink.  Personally I like to drink water for the first 9 holes and then a frosty Powerade or Gatorade for the other 9 holes.  Try to stay away from soft drinks as it does contain salt.  Salt will make your more thirsty.  Also take a sip or two after each hole to ensure you’re properly hydrated.

water ice glass
Stay Hydrated my Friends
Tree Sun Shade
Walk along the shade of trees along the fairway. Conserve your strength
Snack Healthy
Keep away from processed snacks. But if you must, try something healthy like a Power Bar with grains

4. Snacks are good.

Try to stay away from the salty snacks like unsalted peanuts or power bars.  With the heat comes a faster metabolism.  Eating while you play will help keep your energy level consistent throughout the round.

5.  Use Sun Screen.

Save your skin.  Keep yourself from those unfortunate sun burns which can really ruin your round.  Remember sun burn is actually a burn and should be treated as such.  Prevent sun burns by lathering yourself with Sun Screen before your round.  Apply more as necessary.

6.  Wear Protective Clothing.

Don’t like Sun Screen?  Try using a hat or even sun sleeves.  They help wick away sweat from your body and keep you cool.  Protective clothing will also protect you from some nasty mosquito and tick bites.

7.  Watch Each Other’s Shots

It’s not team golf but helping your fellow golfer find their wayward shots will make for a faster round.  The faster you play, the faster you can get to the clubhouse for some 19th Hole libations.

8.  Walking?  Empty your bag of gear you won’t need.

I don’t know about you but even with my Sunday bag, I am a pack rat of sorts.  Lighten your bag.  Keep the stuff you absolutely need.  Forsake the other stuff.  Do you really need that dozen ProV1’s in your bag especially if you’re walking?  Less weight means less stress on the body.  Golf is hard enough as it is without being completely gassed before the round is over.

Golf and Sun Protection
Use a good Sunscreen with a high SPF Sun Protection Factor)
No Slow Play Sign
Avoid Slow Play if at all possible.
Play Golf Earlier or Twilight
Play Golf Earlier. Play Twilight Golf. Either way you avoid the Mid-day sun

9.  Keep the Pace.  Playing faster means you finish the round faster.

Like 7.  Help do your part.  Keep the pace.  Finish your round faster and save your strength for the last few holes that can make or break your round.

10.  Play Earlier or Later

Avoid the mid-day sun.  Walk in the shade and if at all possible play earlier in the day or perhaps a nice twilight round when area temperatures are lower.  That Mid-day sun can be brutal at times.

Marine Memorial Golf Course Camp Pendleton California - GK Guru Group Photo
Marine Memorial Golf Course Camp Pendleton California – GK Guru Group Photo
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Woods Valley Golf Club Valley Center California. GK Review Guru Visit – Our steadfast GK Review Crew

Enjoy your round!