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Aimpoint Clinic: My Personal Odyssey to Putting Enlightenment (Part VII)

Aimpoint Golf Review: Part 7 of my Aimpoint Odyssey

AimpointFirst round after my lesson. Casual round at my home course. Was able to take my time with my reads. I was playing with a friend who is a pretty good putter herself. I made 5-6 7-10 footers, one for birdie. Made great reads, but my speed was off, too hard on most of the bad ones. I was able to put the fall line, aka break line, reads in action. It is pretty simple.

My friend’s comment was: “You do what I do, but with feel, instead of seeing it. I just see it.” Which is true, but ultimately, she’s guessing her read and I’m not. I may be wrong, but I’m not guessing, and what she does works for her. She totally bought into it, but wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was… maybe because she’s a good putter already. She was impressed with my putting overall, for what that’s worth.

So I’m caught up timeline wise. I’m taking lessons with our head pro, which is helping my swing immensely. As soon as I get my swing up to speed, I’m gonna be dangerous! But seriously, we’ll see. I’m gonna play golf with Peter, my Aimpoint instructor, which will hopefully be enlightening.

Here’s the clinic page for Aimpoint. Dates of the clinics. Highly highly recommend.

As the Aimpointers say: Make Everything!

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Our resident physical therapist from Northern California and one of the original GK Staffers. He is also one of the individuals responsible for making the GK Casual Golf Events possible. Way back when it was only an idea, michaelko, was one of those individuals that made it possible with our first outing of six members at Rio Hondo Country Club, Downey CA.