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BE SAFE from Covid-19 (Corona Virus)

Public Service Announcement PSA

With the current health crisis and Covid-19 (Corona Virus) hysteria we at felt it necessary to be at least the voice of reason during the madness.  There is no reason to be scared.  You can still play golf.  You can enjoy life.  Just be vigilant; using these helpful hints.  

Some helpful tips for our fellow golfers.  Proactive , common sense things you can do to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and other beasties out there — Remember it’s also FLU season out there.  

Editor’s Note: We are not medical personal. Some of us however read the news and this is a compilation of steps and measures you can take to at least mitigate exposure. Play safe. Play smart with

4 WAYS TO MITIGATE EXPOSURE to the COVID-19 (Corona Virus)

  1. MOST IMPORTANT. With the supply of hand sanitizer short the most easiest and perhaps one of the most effective things you can do is WASH YOUR HANDS. Wash your hands under warm or hot water WITH SOAP for 20 seconds. The soap and the action of rubbing your hands sanitizes your hands and anything you may touch.
  2. WHEN YOU COUGH OR SNEEZE — COVER UP. Sneeze or cough into your elbow. Coughing or sneezing out in the open will spread droplets and possibly spreading any disease or possible infections.
  3. AVOID LARGE GATHERINGS. You know your own personal hygiene you cannot however be responsible for others Avoid major contact of large groups BUT if you do find yourself in that situation, practice what they call “SOCIAL DISTANCING.” Keep your distance — 3-6 feet at least.
  4. If you find yourself sick.  AVOID contact with other individuals.  It has been recommended that this individual practice self imposed quarantine.
  5. Older Individuals with pre-exsting conditions OR compromised immunity STAY HOME.

Folks COVID-19 is a VIRUS.  It means this beasty is both alive and dead at the same time.  This means it can exist without a host for a period of time (A host being you or me.)  The problem with a virus is that it’s not a bacterial infection.  With a bacterial infection you can use anti-bacterial measures like penicillin to mitigate the illness.  In the case of COVID-19 the problem is, as for any with viral infection, the only thing you can do is let it run its course being sure to care for the symptoms.

Stay Safe.  Play Smart and Know Before You Go with