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Birthday Golf – The GK Way (Part III)

FREE Birthday Golf Specials LogoPart 3 and summary so far for one of members Nickesquire who took it upon himself to test out the GK Birthday Golf List and put her to the test.  Here are his conclusions so far.  

It was a fun but tiring week.

There are only a couple of more local courses I am going to hit on B-Day deals this week. I can get almost as good a deal on the lower end courses with different online specials playing whenever I want and when it would be more convenient for me. That is preferable to utilizing a $15 B-day special that is 150 to 200 miles round trip away.

While few other than myself or Sixpex would go to the extreme I did last week, I would definitely encourage everyone on GK to utilize B-Day specials and enjoy/support some of your favorite courses.

Rather than the unknown, I now have a few more options with personal knowledge if I am in the Inland Empire, Orange County or San Diego areas for golf.

Taking into account both layout & current course conditions of the new courses played out of my normal geographic area…

Best course I played during the B-Day week: Crossings at Carlsbad

Above average courses I would look forward to playing again when in the area: Legends & Riverwalk

Average courses I would not hesitate to go back to if in the area but would probably not drive specifically for: Dos Lagos, both Classic and Players at Mile Square.

And finally the below average course I would likely never play again: Shorecliffs.

Shown:  (L to R),  Nickesquire and Sixpez, two avid golfers and travelers
Shown: (L to R), Nickesquire and Sixpez, two avid golfers and travelers

And all the fairly local courses in my regular rotation that I have either already played B-Day rounds on or will by weeks end, River Ridge Lakes & Vineyard(often), Soule Park (when I can get up to Ojai) and Elkins Ranch (Occasionally), I will continue to work into my regular local rotation.

I personally would like to thank all the courses that offer B-Day incentives. I wonder why more courses do not. Seems like they are missing the boat from a marketing perspective? While Shorecliffs struck out with me, Crossings, Legends and Riverwalk will all definitely get my future business because their B-day specials got me in the door to experience their facilities.




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