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Congratulations Bob Roth of Moorpark California Completing 10,000 Rounds of Golf

Bob Roth:  10,000 Rounds of Golf

Congratulations to Mr. Bob Roth of Moorpark California, father of PGA Professional Champion Jim Roth, who completed 10,000 rounds of golf.

The PGA Newsletter recently wrote an article congratulating Mr. Roth on this rather unique and monumental benchmark in golf.   (Click HERE to view the full article.) Funny enough we celebrated a similar feat completed by our very own prolific golfer, golf course reviewer and all-around great guy GK Member Weber some 3+ years ago.

I thought it auspicious to bring back that forum post to recognize not only Mr. Roth and his accomplishment but also Mr. Weber’s.  (Click HERE for our Forum post.)  It’s no easy feat.  The amount of time involved comes to literally one golf course a day for almost 27 1/3 years (248 months) without a holiday.  That’s almost 4 years of golf at 3.5 hours per golf round.

That’s a lot of golf and one heck of a claim to fame.

So here’s to Mr. Roth and Mr. Weber on the completion of such a monumental task.  May all us golfers out there be so lucky and so healthy as to hit that landmark number.