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Forge A Head: CUSTOM FIT GOLF CLUBS – Part 3

Club Fitting
Shebylo: Author
Shebylo: Author

I have decided, in these articles, to write about my first hand experience with custom golf club fitting and building; what I have learned and how it has helped. None of my improvement would have been possible without Don and what he has taught me about the club and the game. With the new sticks, my game is 8 strokes better, and the confidence has soared because the uncertainty is gone with what I am swinging.

Q: What about club heads? What guide do you use in pointing the golfer in the right direction?
A: Ball flight. What has been your experience?
Shebylo: My progress went from OS Cavity back, to forged perimeter weighted blades, then to a game improvement perimeter weighted iron. Each had very different characteristics and results, but then I was younger at the time. But one thing was certain, I remember having to swing them all differently – something we will discuss in Part 4 – Shafts

Q: Does it really matter what brand the golfer buys?
A: Yes. Golfers should buy the best club they are comfortable with based on the recommendations of the club fitter, with the data collected of that golfer. Actual brand name is not important; more the head style.
Again, I get back to my philosophy: appropriate for ability, commensurate with the golfer’s goals.

Q:Why is loft and lie important for the golfer?
A: Loft is important due to proper progression spacing of each golf club (yardage). Lie is necessary to ensure consistency of ball strike, i.e. ball flight. The right length is also calculated.

Q: What is the difference between offset and non offset club heads?
A: Offset is the distance between the imaginary line down the center of the shaft and a second line just touching the leading edge of the club. The leading edge is ‘offset’ from the center line. It is used primarily to counteract the slice. Some sets even have a progressive offset feature.

Q: Don, swing weight. What is it?
A: Basically, it is how the weight of the club feels during the swing. Technically, the club’s balanced weight is measured about a fulcrum point. That is as technical I want to get here.

Q: How does swing weight affect each golfer? Which weight gets assigned?
A: Generally, we assign stronger players heavier clubs. The faster your swing speed, the heavier your swing weight. Sometimes that doesn’t fit though. I vary the weight in a progression through the set, depending on the golfer’s strengths and how much mass is required behind the strike of the ball.
Sunny: So, club head design and material will also affect overall swing weight.
Don: Yes, but remember, appropriate for ability and commensurate with their goals.

Q: How is shaft flex involved when fitting? And how does that play into swing weight?
A: I choose your flex to get to the swing weight you need.

Thanks Don.

I hope these articles help golfers better understand how all the components of a club come together for their swing. It should also give you a different view of a golf club when next you visit an equipment store. In the next article, we will attach the head to the correct shaft for you, in: Shafts – How Flexible Are You.