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Our Mission, Culture and Gratitude our Culture and Mission

Greenskeeper,org LogoGratitude is what inspires me. It’s the foundation of my life and

I don’t start a single day without first thanking a member of GK in thought or action. It feels good and puts me in the right mindset. My favorite thing to do is appreciating members that contribute helpful content to the site.

Gratitude is more than just a feel good thing for me, it’s an energy.

I am someone that believes what we appreciate expands and what we depreciate fades. It’s why I am grateful for just about everything in my life and why I rarely complain about things important to me.

When I launched back in 2002, I did not appreciate nearly as much as I do now the value the site brings to golfers and the active members that make it all possible. Over the years as my gratitude grew so did the culture of GK in proportion to it.

The clarity moment for me as far as my mission with, the moment when I realized what I loved most about GK, came when I gave a heartfelt speech at a GK Event at Monarch Dunes Golf Club in 2012.  From that point on GK was more about the site community than anything else…a culture with a sense of belonging, connectedness and being of service to each other. Basically a community that sincerely appreciates each other’s love for golf.

It was then I started looking at as a family. A family I want to grow across the United States and eventually across the World. A family I know will ingrain itself into golf forever bringing more fun to the game we love.

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