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Golf Outing Ideas – My First (GK) Event

Tijeras Creek Golf Club

Play golf, but not great at it?  Want to play golf with similarly minded folks and just enjoy a round of golf?  Look no further. creates golf outings with the casual golfer in mind.  We play higher-end daily fee courses, pair you with similarly skilled players, and put together well run events at great courses.  Give us a try, but don’t take our word for it.  Consider what one from a long list of our members has to say about our events.

I have been a member of since I played my first round of golf a few years ago. I was looking for a golf course scorecard and the GK site popped up. I read about GK outings on the website, but since I averaged double par on each hole, I didn’t want to embarrass myself. I shelved the idea of joining those GK events.

After a while, I was a double bogey player, yet didn’t play much. I didn’t know many people who golfed or had a similar schedule with me. I read the GK forums and the reviews from the outings always were positive. I never posted on GK before preferring to try to pick up tips here and there for myself. I didn’t feel part of the GK community and noticed that people posting on the forums were typically the same people. I also noticed most of the posts from the ‘How’d You Shoot’ thread have people talking about their scores in the 70’s and 80’s, while complaining when they shot in the 90’s. At the time, I haven’t broken 100 and felt I would hold everyone up at an outing.

Eventually I decided to bite the bullet. I signed up for a GK outing at Tijeras Creek. I still haven’t broken 100 and noticed all the good players would be there. I told myself that I may play poorly, but I played pretty fast so I could keep up. I was also nervous. I didn’t know anyone too knew well. I decided just to go for it; figured in 5 hours, I’d be back in my car and it’d be over with.

All my concerns were for nothing.

Shown (L to R): GK Members Warrior, Paisano, and Audac1ty

I was paired in the last group and had a great time. Yes there were single digit handicappers, but there were also others like me that could only hope to break 100. I had a great time with members Audac1ty & Warrior, none of whom I knew before, but now I call friends. As a matter of fact I have played several rounds with them since. My golf game seemed secondary to the good times. I didn’t jump in my car and take off, as others invited me to sit with them and made me feel right at home. I had such a great time that I have joined in almost every outing since that time and have made friends during GK outings.

I guess the main draw for me joining these GK Events was the fact we are able to play higher-end golf courses. Being a single you’re not really afforded the opportunity to play these golf courses. I mean you can, but I didn’t feel comfortable walking on to these premium courses waiting for a tee time like I do a municipal golf courses. With the GK Events, I could just RSVP and have a 4-some waiting for me. Tijeras Creek was one of those nicer golf courses, but as I said I didn’t know too many folks that would golf with me or manage to fit a round of golf in their schedule. and their GK Events made it all possible.

If you are on the fence about attending your first GK event, take some advice from me. Just give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised. GK pairs you with similarly skilled players, they put together well run events at great courses. Even the post event is worth a mention. Everyone goes home a winner with one prize or another. I make it a point with my limited time (as I have one baby and another on the way) to make the few GK outings offered per year, as these are at the top of my most memorable rounds I have ever played.

A little about Paisano:
By day he helps shape young minds. In his downtime you can find him perusing the GK site as one of our Staff members. Co-founder of the GK Meet-ups Group of Los Angeles. A hacker like the rest of us mere mortals, he offers his two cents and his humor. Wicked good on the golf greens, you will never lose a golf ball on his watch.