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You Like Us, You Really Really Like Us!

This should have been posted a long time ago because there is no greater validation to what provides than what golfers are saying about it. Over the years we have received hundreds of e-mails, messages and posts appreciating our service. Thank you for all the kind words.  JohnnyGK – John Hakim – Founder.

User Testimonies –

11-3-2015: Craig123 – Member Since 2005
The service that Greenskeeper provides is second to none. Although I don’t post often, I mostly check for reviews before playing a new course and maintenance alerts. I have hooked quite a few friends on GK also including my son that just posted a review on Birch Hills (joshcourtney09).

10-29-2015: abbacat – Member Since 2015
Thank you for having a fun, informative, positive, upbeat, and non judgemental website and Facebook page. The kind of comments on Facebook on the pages of golf digest and others can be downright cruel at times. And I was foolish enough to think that all golfers could be nice to each other just because we all love that crazy game. I’m very happy to have found greenskeeper.

10-3-2015: fresnobatt – Member Since 2009 is one of my favorite websites. I use it while traveling before playing any new golf courses (I am at 274 courses now) and try to add a review anytime I can add to the information already online.

10-3-2015: tu24la – Member Since 2015
All the YELP and Google reviews are pretty outdated, and they’re just ranting. I’ve found to be the best at letting me know the conditions. The folks who contribute seem to be golfers who really like the game more than those on YELP. I may not be able to contribute all the time, but will certainly try. Thanks for the nice site.

7-31-2015: grantar2 – Member Since 2015
I just appreciate the site being here. Now that I have been sort of forced into semi retirement, I am golfing more, and have less money to golf on. This site is really a big help in trying to get the most out of my investment in time and resources. The course tips are really valuable. Even if you know a course, they can help you see it in a different way. The forums are cool. Pretty obvious the contributors run from high handicappers like myself, to scratch golfers or better. Good attitudes as well.

7-28-2015: BGarcelon – Member Since 2015
GK is a great site. I enjoy checking on it daily and reading the reviews.

6-23-2015: nimphier – Member Since 2010
My name is Rich Nimphie, and I am currently a resident of Michigan.  I had an opportunity to spend about 6 months living in Los Angeles last year, and as an avid golfer without a lot of knowledge about courses in the area, I found your site to be extremely useful in finding good courses to play within my budget, and once I gained some knowledge about some of the courses I liked, being able to monitor course conditions and when different courses had recently punched their greens, so I could avoid those places until they were in better condition was great. Now that I am back in Michigan, I find myself really wishing that we had the same kind of resource available here. I think that with the large number of avid players in the state, adding a section to for Michigan would be very well received.  I’m not sure exactly what is involved, but I would be willing to offer my assistance in getting such a community set up.  I have a pretty good network of very avid players that I interact with on a regular basis both in person and online, and I think these connections would make it pretty easy to get the word out quickly and to raise awareness of the new resource that could be made available.

6-11-2015: Cheeseburger – Member Since 2002
One of the things I missed by living overseas in India for four straight years, was being able to participate in reviews and most especially the events! While I now live in Utah, and away from the mecca of Southern California where we all started, (I started posting on GK in November of 2002!) I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to see the growth of the site and the inclusion of surrounding states! One of the things I have truly enjoyed about being a long time member, and considering JohnnyGK a friend, is the fact that he has always stayed in touch with me, and encouraged me to start posting my reviews for the Utah and Nevada area! Johnny, you have really fostered a family atmosphere from the beginning, and your passion shows! I am always out here preaching the Greenskeeper gospel! Keep up the good work, this place has been an awesome part of my life! Knoweth before thou goest!

5-25-2015: Tony-Tull – Member Since 2011
This site is the greatest place for up-to-date information on course conditions, and I just try to do my part. It’s literally saved me numerous times!

5-22-2015: ringworld – Member Since 2004
I know of no other website that offers as comprehensive a listing and as deep of a list of golf course reviews for daily fee courses and maintenance conditions that it maintains. Believe me I have looked. Other sites may claim they have these tools but in truth this is the ONLY website.

The main thing any golfer wants to know is where to play. All things being equal after they made the purchase for their equipment, after all the lessons and swing tweaks, the only question they ask themselves time and again is where to play. Here GK delivers in spades. And it is here that GK can help shape decisions. If we (avid golfers) are only 20% of the golfing public and yet we account for almost 70% of golf course revenue then we are a powerful coalition albeit disorganized. GK brings organization to that cacophony of other review sites.  Pound for pound, all other websites are lightweights compared to what GK has to offer.

5-22-2015: weber – Member Since 2002
I feel sorry for the majority of the country which does not have GK available to them. This is far and away the standard by which all golf websites should be judged and compared too. I can’t imagine not having this available for reference. I am traveling to Wisconsin/Illinois/Iowa next month and it is very burdensome to secure information which would be simple to secure were GK available. I miss not having it and I have not even left yet!

5-12-2015: mjquick – Member Since 2003
I love the sight, it’s always the first place I go when I’m going to a new course or for course updates.

5-11-2015: mtaylo1 – Member since 2003

Thank you for such a well organized and informative site. Others have tried to copy it but I always use greenskeeper as the go to site when I want any course info.

5-11-2015: Sixpez – Member Since 2003
Johnny. It’s clear how much you love what you do and you should know how grateful all of us GK’ers (and even those lurkers) are for everything you do. You’re making a positive impact in the golf community and in our lives. I’m sure I speak for everyone in saying how appreciative we are.

5-11-2015: Audac1ty – Member Since 2006
Johnny, you have been an inspiration from the first words spoken to me which were: “Hi, I’m JohnnyGK, welcome to Greenskeeper!”

The world of golf expanded for me from that humble beginning and I’ve come to know many of the active members of the golf community here on Greenskeeper. We play golf together, interact in the forums, support charitable institutions, provide laughter, camaraderie, personal support, and good natured ribbing to each other! It was all envisioned by a man who thought he could bring golfers together into one cohesive group for the betterment of the game of golf and serving the members by providing outstanding outings through his never ending dealings with sponsors, golf course management, manufacturers, and on, and on…… He has succeeded in a most spectacular manner!

His vision and leadership make the logical choice for golfers in the United States and beyond.

Please join me in thanking JohnnyGK for his tireless efforts on our behalf!

5-6-2015: tesuquegolfer – Member Since 2015
I have used the site previously as it is the only place to see aerification schedules, which is great information. I have passed the site onto friends and I plan to provide reviews and updates as that seems to be weak in my area. Hopefully the sire will grow, I will do what I can as we need a better site here in NM. Thanks, Randy

4-29-2015: mabogli44 – Member Since 2008
Just wanted to commend you with your website……Before I play a course, I make sure to logon to your site for the latest info and specials.

4-26-2015: dsal_13 – Member Since 2014
It’s a great site you have going on here. I think every golfer has a benefit from coming on here. GK app was a reason for the iPhone move (iPhone just has better apps in general).

4-23-2015: bptaylor10 – Member Since 2014
I really love the website – I check it daily and tell all my friends to do the same. It actually saved my buddy from playing Talega the other day.

4-22-2015: 714Lefty – Member Since 2015
Thank you very much John! I enjoy reading reviews on courses when I go play them even if I have played the course before. I like to know what shape the greens are in and how the layout is, staff, etc. Great website with lots of info!

4-17-2015: Magic32 – Member Since 2015

I’ve been using your service for years and figured it was time to give back. You’re invaluable to the avid golfer, especially this time of year. Thanks again.

3-30-2015: jsapiandante – Member Since 2012
I’m glad I joined this site. The members and especially you have been spectacular in helping golfers like me “know before you go”.

3-8-2015: hsiebert – Member Since 2009
I’ll be using everything and continuing to spread the word about us. I think you and the other staffers are doing a great job. I’m on our site at least daily to see what’s going on around the courses and the forums.

2-9-2015: divotnjay – Member Since 2013
I’m always sporting the hat when I’m golfing. Always get compliments on the hat you gave me. I always mention this website to my friends and fellow golfers and they love it, just think this site is awesome. Keep up the good work. Hope to meet you guys soon at an outing.

1-27-2015: cencalhack – Member Since 2015
Great site by the way! I originally found your site and BAAmerica while trying to find reviews for a trip to SD, just took me awhile to get signed up. I originally/still review for golfnow/advisor, but I feel (know) the members here have more knowledge and are more objective with their reviews.

12-21-2014: jerinthebox – Member Since 2012
I’ve been getting more into the social media part of the game lately, and GK has been a great resource for me over the past few years so I figured it was time to start adding something to the table. I’ll start posting some photos here and there as well.

12-9-2014: mikeyg – Member Since 2012
Thanks to your website I discovered La Purisima and actually got engaged there, facebook link below. I’ve actually got a few other courses to review and am headed to Rams Hill Monday for their deal (once again, thanks to your website).

12-2-2014: kllychpmn – Member Since 2014
I love your site it makes picking a course with no maintenance issues and a difficulty level that’s right for my group much easier for example looking at your reviews my hunch was the crossing at carlsbad would be too tough for a couple of my guys after playing it as a single I know this to be true . I think this under appreciated info that your site provides

12-1-2014: lamitchw – Member Since 2012
I always tell people about your site, and they always thank me later 🙂

11-12-2014: johnl2000 – Member Since 2008
I visit regularly to check out courses of interest and find the reviews invaluable, particularly if a course is offering a groupon or some other special.

11-10-2014: roberkpan – Member Since 2014
GK is an awesome resource especially since I’m new to the area and still learning which courses are the best. I’ll continue to review every course I play with the hope that somebody else out there gets something informative.

11-9-2014: JSpin – Member Since 2009
Anything I can do to keep this great site going. What a resource this is for us golfers.

11-6-2014: larryq2001 – Member Since 2003
I love I go to it frequently and suggest my friends do the same. I planned my recent golf trip based on the comments of others in GK and felt that I should give some of my own feedback.

11-4-2014: AndrewZ28 – Member Since 2012
Even though it pains me to say that my 8-hole round was only my fifth time being on the golf course all year, I’m still checking in here at GK almost daily to see how things are going. Keep up the good work!

10-31-2014: sliart – Member Since 2003
LOVE Greenskeeper! Have told many people about the site! Best golf site for info bar none! Thanks for all you do!

10-19-2014: rich888rich – Member Since 2014
I’ve just informed my golf buddies on your site. Hopefully, they will join. Here’s what I wrote:

Hi Fellow Golf Buddies,

I recently joined the, The membership is free. This site offers you reviews on almost any courses in the U S. The course page shows the rating, weather condition, and other vital information on the course.

10-18-2014: sd3bs – Member Since 2005
I use and promote Greenskeeper every time I play!

10-15-2014: walnutgolf – Member Since 2007
Although I mostly play at via verde cc, your site has helped me countless times in terms of selecting occasional other courses to play. Thank you for creating/maintaining such a wonderful site.

10-7-2014: cselkirk – Member Since 2005
I love greenskeeper as it’s a community of likeminded individuals sharing information about a sport we all love. Thank you for creating such a wonderful forum for all of us to communicate with one another. Do you have any plans to open the forum up to courses in the northeast?

7-24-2014: dcsocal – Member Since 2013
Thanks for providing a great forum to talk about golf. Really enjoy the sense of community. I will be posting a bunch more reviews soon.

6-19-2014: sammoorai13 – Member Since 2011
I love your website and I tell everyone about the site. I think the rating system you have in place is great. It really gives you an idea on what to expect on a golf course. Not only that, but it’s simple and has all the things that I want to know about a golf course. Also, the fact that you reach out to people is great. I think it really makes it a much better community. See my information below. By the way, I’ll definitely be reviewing more courses now.

5-5-2014: mk – Member Since 2013
I try to be honest and give my impartial input in the reviews without the need to be too harsh on the courses. Course and condition change throughout the year (depending on time of year) and I try to account for that when I give the ratings. I get a lot out of this website to see how the course condition is before I go play a round and appreciate all the reviews by others who contribute so I feel compelled to contribute whenever I can (or remember to). I will continue to post reviews as this is by far the best peer based golf website.

5-5-2014: jlelek – Member Since 2013
It really helps me select courses with the aeration alerts and ratings so I figure if I contribute the better it will be.

5-18-2014: 140ver – Member Since 2009
Thanks for running this site, it’s very informative, and it’s obvious you’ve got a passion for golf. Love the reviews.

4-14-2014: seanmcnally – Member Since 2006
Love your site and what you’re doing with it. Can’t wait for the app to come out.

3-13-2014: absoludicrous – Member Since 2013
I enjoy the site and the reviews from the members about new courses since I haven’t been playing for very long. I try to read them ahead of time since it helps give me a heads up on what I should look out for. I appreciate the work that you do to keep the site running. It’s awesome.

3-2-2014: Solinari619 – Member Since 2011
I really love the site and everything you guys (and gals) do.

1-30-2014: noeldaof – Member Since 2004
In the beginning, when I first signed up, it was so very cool to see the list of golf courses all over the Southern California area. Although, I am provided a booklet with the list of all the golf courses in So-Cal from the SCGA, the list online was more accessible, therefore it was useful and a very easy access. also went out of their way to give a more extensive user information about golf courses to the community. Golf course conditions’ review were very helpful. Gone were the days of preparing for weeks to play a course only to find it a cow pasture. Pictures were provided and were also a community volunteered effort. I believe that some of the golf courses have cleaned up their act, or their courses, rather… knowing that there are a community of out there who can speak their mind and volunteer an honest opinion to the golfing community.

I’ve enjoyed many courses that I have not played before as well as kept a good timing to visit a course which may not be always at its best through ‘s membership/association.

The GK Forum became a big part of my week in cyber golf community, shortly after. Many folks became friends. Johnny’s invitational outings were fun, followed by events that can make anyone’s golfing experience in an outing a very pleasant one among new found friends who loves to golf. It is here where you can find others who are eager to help volunteer information about golf, a golf course, including equipment and teaching professionals.

I was here when was in its baby stage, and up to now where it’s become a wealth of golf source, but I believe that community members are just beginning to culminate into its highest form. I could only hope for each and all to unite even more… support the golf course reviews, be active and have fun in the outings, volunteer useful golfing information- share the knowledge, find more friends and invite them in…

Looking forward to many more years with!

1-27-2014: lowfi – Member Since 2012
I like this site a lot so I figured I’d contribute. I may be moving to Dallas this upcoming year so I’ll try to start pumping out some reviews for that area. I did some research on courses over there and I’m just not finding much, hopefully I can bring that market around.

10-18-2013: CSpan – Member Since 2013
I became a GK’er immediately because the site fills a critical need…getting honest and reliable information about course conditions. I have stayed a GK’er because it’s a great example of consumers being able to hold retailers (i.e., course operators) accountable. Prior to the existence of GK, we golfers (and especially public golfers), had to just “take it.” Now we don’t have to take it anymore.

8-1-2013: Caligolfer1031 – Member Since 2004
I found the site when I was setting up an outing in Palm Springs for me and 11 buddies and googled Palm Springs golf course reviews and found this site. When I saw how much was going on and the vast information this site had I think it took me all of 5 minutes and I was a member.

I am still a GK’er for three reasons…reviews and maintenance alerts…the information in the forums…and the people. The people on this site love golf as much if not more than I do. They are serious and extremely fun at the same time.

I have played with a few guys outside of GK events and all I had to do was post that I would be in an area on a certain date and asked if anybody would like to play, and sure enough I have met two great people.

The site is an addiction, it is the first site I visit in the morning and the last before I go to bed. I came for the reviews and the people on here are the reason I stay.

8-1-2013: CPennbo – Member Since 2003

Why do I stay? The people. The discussions. The course info. I like being able to find a course, read reviews, know before I go about any work being done. I like talking about golf and our golf experiences- as well as other things. And I totally enjoy the people! After awhile everyone begins to feel like family – it’s nice to see everyone at outings, and keep up with their doings on GK the rest of the time. I often tell people that GKers are a group of really great people who all just happen to play golf! I appreciate that while many on here are serious golfers I haven’t met any who weren’t just an absolute blast to play golf with! We’ve made some great friends on GK over the years!

8-2-2013: Zeppelin51432 – Member Since 2008
I joined simply because I love golf and since I was 15 I’ve been in charge of booking every tee time for my family. They always wonder how I pick great courses! GK is my secret. It’s obvious that everyone is here because we all love the game of golf. AZ, Palm Springs, San Diego, SF, Santa Barbara. Wherever we go Gk is the first place I check for current conditions, reviews, and pictures.

8-2-2013: Rat-Patrol – Member Since 2013
Then I stumbled onto GK and saw that there were aeration notices so started thumbing through the reviews. I probably looked at the site 2 or 3 times before joining so I too could participate.

I now look for new courses to play every weekend (except Sunday tournament days at Balboa!), thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

As most of my playing partners are addicted to early morning Balboa and I am really enjoying playing a bit later in the day (for the first time in probably 20 years) and at different places, I play solo a lot . . . and look forward to meeting new people, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

I now come here to browse courses and use the links provided to go directly to the course web site, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

I now try to pay more attention to the course conditions so as to give an accurate review, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

I really like the GK Cup and the great people I have met so far because of that, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

I now have a “to play” list in my head, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

I look forward to playing in a GK event.

I now see there is a big beautiful golf (course) filled world out there, again, thanks to GK, thanks Johnny!

8-2-2013: Hollis – Member Since 2013
As you know I’ve been a Gker for only a few months now. I was a lurker for maybe two months at most, the dialogue and great interaction was too much to resist. I initially stumbled upon this site as a way to find out all rates on all courses, and the reviews were and still are incredibly helpful. I plan to be a Gker for as long as I continue to play golf, which is for as long as I can swing a club, lol. The vibe that emanates from this online community is like when you get paired up with a stranger that appears to care about the course as much as you do, you know golfers who repair their divot plus any others they see on the green, guys and gals who pick up trash they happen to come across even though it’s not their responsibility. Just a great group of people and can’t wait to play in my first Gkers event.

8-3-2013: RDDenn – Member Since 2006
I wore my Greenskeeper shirt to El Dorado today. The starter mentioned enthusiastically what a great site this is. I think anybody who plays at different courses can appreciate the information the site provides. That is why I became a GKer.

8-4-2013: sbarajasjr – Member Since 2009
I love keeping up to date with course reviews and ratings, I love discovering new courses to play. I am inspired by people like sixpez and his blog. I want to play all the courses that GK members consider favorites of theirs. I love the GK events and hope to see more close to SD County.

8-4-2013: Nickesquire – Member Since 2007
I love the concept and atmosphere that John has created. I enjoy reading others course reviews & ratings and try to contribute back to the community by posting my own. The forums are good, whether you are a hardcore or casual golfer, there is something there for you.

The BEST part about the website? The people…I have made friends with people I enjoy going out for a round with that I would not otherwise have met.

8-8-2013: NutNButCup – Member Since 2004
I am still a GKer for several reasons. First of all it is a GREAT golf site that Johnny has done a phenomenal job growing over the years. Ten years after joining this site I still check GK for aeration alerts and course reviews while planning my next round. Although I do not post often in the forums I do enjoy reading them. For the 3 years or so I participated in the golf outings I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and playing with other GKers. Hopefully in the future I will make it to another outing.

8-9-2013: hsiebert – Member Since 2009
I am always looking for course condition and tee times as this tells me how busy some courses are. At the time that I joined there where only a handful of us up here and there where very few reviews about NorCal courses. I play just about three to four times per week and felt that it would be a welcome service to others if I posted reviews. I usually play in pick-up games or as a single and walk so my round is about 3 hours give or take. I am also a tournament official and love to contribute to all rules discussions in the forum. Having this site allows me to plan my days without stress. Thanks to all that contribute.

8-17-2013: 2xAlbatross – Member Since 2013
I joined about 6 months ago to see how the greens are.. Very disappointing when you are set to play and drive a long way to see that the greens are punched or the course has gone downhill. It is like going out to dinner to a place you have not gone for a while to find out that it has changed owners or cooks and it is not the same no more when you had something else in mind. I would be on/review more but play at least 4 times a week and would be on here a lot. I played a place today that the greens were punched and that is what brought me here today to let somebody else know.

And so many more…