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Aeration Alerts By Greenskeeper.Org

Know Before You Go™ with Greenskeeper.Org – 2019 Season

It’s that time again folks — Maintenance Time.

We realize that it’s perhaps one of the most dreaded times for golfers who love golf. But remember this. A golf course does not willingly want to present you a course with aerated greens. It’s simply a part of their responsibility as stewards of the game to provide you a consistent product. That means a good golf course operator must aerate their greens. Not to annoy you, but rather to provide you a consistent product .

Aeration why it's important
Aeration allows air and water to reach the roots, relieve soil compaction and promote healthy root growth.

So the next time you sit there beside yourself; bemoaning you didn’t know your favorite course you’re currently playing just recently aerated their greens. Remember Greenskeeper.Org is here to spare you this misery. Visit and you too will Know Before YOU Go™!

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