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Corona Virus — What Golf Courses Should Do?

Public Service Announcement PSA

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact on golf our GK Community can provide important suggestions and guidance to the golf course industry.

What should golf courses do to make us feel safer playing should the Corona Virus become much bigger?

Some ideas to consider.  These do not necessarily expressly reflect  the opinions of they are however suggestions from our demographic of AVID Golfers, most of which happen to be Senior Citizens.  (Fun Fact: GK is a community of over 70,000 registered members.  40% of the GK Community reside in California.  Of that 40%, 60% are over the age of 50, and of that 60%, 70% play more than 24+ rounds of golf yearly.)

  • Provide germicidal disposable wipes with every golf cart rental.
  • Provide a non latex disposable glove to handle the flag-stick.
  • Foam insert (Cut down pool noodle) placed into cup to raise the golf ball from the bottom of the cup. (Added 5/14/20)
  • Anyone that shows signs of being sick at check-in must not be allowed to play.
  • Disinfect ALL equipment at least Daily.  Or in the case of golf carts after each use.  Recommend spray and wipe clean all carts with Disinfectant or use a pressure washer that can include bleach in wash down procedures. (Added 4/1/20)
  • Any employee or vendor showing signs of being sick must not be at the golf course.
  • If walking is not an option, SINGLE RIDER ONLY for carts. (added 3/17/30)
  • Remove all rakes, ball washers; disinfect all benches, flag-sticks, hole cups and smooth surfaces regularly.  (added 3/25/20)
  • (extreme measure) – eliminate foursome play and only allow twosomes.
  • (extreme measure) – cancel or postpone large tournaments/outings.
  • Credit/Debit Card Sales Only.  No Cash Sales (Added 5/14/20)
  • No pre- or post congregating of golf groups before or after round of golf in common areas (Added 5/14/20)
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Our Take

Honestly I feel a golf course might be one of safest places for those of us that need to get out for some outdoor recreation during this crisis.

Politics aside, since the supply chain is waning; consider the homemade options for making disinfectant sprays and hand santizing gel.


From the Editor 3/17/20  The media hype can be overwhelming.  Who do you believe?  The message however remains the same.  Please keep these in mind when making your policy changes.

  1. Wash Your Hands OFTEN.
  2. Don’t Touch Your Face.
  3.  Keep your Distance.
  4. Protect the Elderly.

By keeping these points in mind while you make your decisions on play you can not only thrive as a business BUT also keep your playing patrons safe.  Be smart.  Play Safe with