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Public Service Announcement PSA

Updated Golf Course Listing

Unlike some websites that claim to have the latest golf course openings, here at we actually report which course is opening and when.  

With the global pandemic a lot of things have to take the back seat.  Unfortunately golf was made one of them.  For reasons that escape me personally golf was declared unessential and with the court of public opinion going against popular sentiment was not a smart move.  With the virus mitigated to some extent, it’s time to get back to work and with it a round of golf or three.  

BE PREPARED: It’s Not Over

Not by a long shot.  Remember to wash your hands with soap often. Don’t touch your face.  And remember to keep your distance.  Many of these facilities will require PPE (Personal Protective Equipment — i.e. a face mask).  Be sure to check on the golf course website or call ahead to determine you’re prepared. 

Get the latest information and course conditions about your favorite courses here.  

Golf Course Openings by Region

Northern California 

Orange County, California

Oakland/East Bay Area


Sacramento Area

San Barnardino

San Diego County

San Francisco/North Bay

San Jose/South Bay Area

Lake Tahoe/ Reno Area

Ventura/Santa Barbara County

Your region not listed?  Keep checking back here for the latest updates.