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Golf Course Review Soule Park Golf Course Ojai California

Soule Park Golf Course

Golf Course Review Soule Park Golf Course Ojai California

Reviewed by: kviser, Saugus, CA

Playing Conditions 7.04 GREAT
Playing Conditions 7.04 GREAT

I played here today at first light. One threesome ahead of our four; as you know, due to the C19 protocols, everyone is walking. It made for a great pace, at least for the group ahead of our 4. We might have been faster than the four hour round if not for the extra practice swings by one in our group. Hint: Not me! Notwithstanding that nonsense, I found it to be totally zen and watching the sunrise light up the course was icing on the cake.

I have not played here in quite some time; not since 10/2016. Wow! What a difference three and a half years makes! Green grass everywhere! Large aprons and collars around the greens, very much like Rustic Canyon! That’s a good choice for this course as it can be long at times.

Other than the above, I don’t have a lot to add to mdames’ review. The greens remains on the medium-slow side. There were a couple of subtle breaks, but nothing crazy.

The tees ( I played the Avocado tees) were level and had good grass coverage. Some were very firm about an inch and a half down. There was some maintenance ahead of us. A couple of guys were fertilizing tees and the long cut from the tee to the fairways. Nice to see crews working and keeping the course as nice as possible.

Fairways were a joy to hit from. Great coverage everywhere. Soft enough to take a divot, but firm enough to run a ways on a low trajectory shot.

The rough had good coverage as well. It ranged in height from about 2″-3″ to knee deep native areas. Best to stay away from that stuff.

Bunkers had great amounts of fluffy beach sand. A couple had a thin layer of sand over some hard pan, but mostly those were in the fairways.

Greens and approaches were really nice, but on the slow side. We thought they would speed up, but no significant change in speed happened by 10:00 when we finished.

Overall, I think I got a great bargain at $30. I booked on their website and it appears that the tee sheet is pretty full up all week long. I might try to get back there in two weeks on my next Friday off.