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COVID-19 Golf Course pre-REOPENING Checklist and then Some More

Public Service Announcement PSA

Golf Courses throughout California are reopening.  If you’re part of the minority of those golf course still in the process of preparing to reopen your doors, do not fret.  And if you have reopened and are looking for additional resources to help you mitigate the spread of COVID-19 further check out the information below.

There is still a way to reopen responsibly AND in a timely manor, if you check out these handy check lists and waivers.


  • Park and Play Program provided by the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) is a very useful punch list you can use to employ the latest COVID-19 mitigation practices — using the guidelines provided by the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and evaluated by a Doctor specializing in infectious disease control.  Click HERE to download the file.  
  • Blank Participant Agreement & Waiver & Release of Liability.  Can be downloaded if you click HERE.  This document is a Microsoft Word Document.  It is a blank.  This means you can use the form as is; exchanging the items marked in BLUE and RED with the appropriate City and Golf Course Name for your own use.  Or you can customize and add your additional requirements. 
Editor’s Note:  Please note that this is considered a legal document.  You may use this document but hold or its associates and affiliates harmless, released and discharged, waiving any rights from any claims for damages and/or liability whether caused or accidental.  If you use this document we recommend a filing system (alphabetized with the person’s last name) and kept on file for a minimum 60 days.  
  • Consider the GK Coupon to help future sales.  Using the GK Coupon to help bolster sales after this mad rush to play golf is over and more and more individuals emerge from self-quarantine will be key here.  Now is the time to start planning. 

Editor’s Note:  At $150 per month to provide this service to our group of avid golfers will direct attention to your golf course.  It literally pays for itself.  With our ZeroTouch FREE to Download GK coupons you can track where your sales are coming from, encourage additional sales from areas you want to focus, and most important rebuild your customer base in the wake of this nationwide shutdown.  

Once again we hope that all of you remain safe and COVID-19 free. Stay vigilant.  Wash your hands with soap often.  Don’t touch your face, and most important keep a safe distance.  

If you should have any questions, please feel free to contact our sales staff at