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#FlatJohnny Revival Because #Golf Isn’t An Option :(


We are bored.

Telecommuting? Burned through all your notable binge watching on NETFLIX and AMAZON PRIME? Literally bored silly? Don’t get stir crazy.

We Have A Solution!

In light of our current pandemic and shelter-in-place orders, we figured a little humor is necessary to lighten the load because if you can’t laugh at your own crazy ingenuity and share it who can?

Re-introducing our #FlatJohnny Project

COVID-19 Doesn't Mean I Can't Think About Golf
COVID-19 Doesn’t Mean I Can’t Think About Golf

Download the PDF file below. We have updated our #FlatJohnny with optional “Hot Dog” Putter and COVID-19 M95 face mask to encourage social distancing. Decorate #FlatJohnny in whatever wacky golf get up YOU can come up with and take a few action shots of #FlatJohnny doing his part to Shelter-in-Place or out and about practicing Social Distancing, Hand Washing and other safety measures. Then share these photos on any social media using the hashtags #FlatJohnny #Greenskeeperorg.

We can get through this. We can definitely get through this with the appropriate safety measures in place and encouraging others to do the same.  It’s a small sacrifice for the sake of our loved ones, family, and friends.  NOW if you throw in a little humor to lighten this very serious mood you can at the very least make a sad situation bearable.

Thanks for your support.