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Golf Coruse Review TPC Scotsdale STADIUM Scottsdale Arizona

TPC Scottsdale (Stadium)

Golf Course Review TPC Scottsdale STADIUM Scottsdale Arizona

Reviewed by: sdscratchorbust, Scottsdale

Golf Playing Conditions 8.53 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 8.53 GREAT

Played here twilight during the week last week. Stadium is PURE

It’s cart paths only and they have begun erecting the scaffolding on the closing holes. The bare bones of the stadium is up and you get to walk through the tunnel into the arena. It’s quite a feeling hitting a shot even inside the scaffolding.

The conditions are just about as pure as it gets. The bunkers look refreshed from the maintenance. They rough is super thick and tasty as they grow it out. Greens were near perfect. Fairways have fair amount of divots and some wear which is the only thing holding it back before being tour ready. It is quite a difference when you play on tour quality grass and sand.

Currently caddies are required during the day and the price is steep. But it is beginning to have the tour feel.