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Golf Course Review Alondra Park Golf Course Lawndale California

Alondra Park Golf Course

Golf Course Review Alondra Park Golf Course Lawndale California

Reviewed by: RDDenn, Redondo Beach
Late review. Snuck out for an afternoon round at Alondra last Saturday. For my semi-annual visit, I walked on at 1:00, joined on 10 two twosomes that had earlier paired up and was able to finish just as it was getting dark. Pretty good pace of play for a weekend round.

The course was in decent shape. Some bare spots, definitely thin winter conditions overall in the fairways. There were some muddy spots but nothing really bad considering the course traditionally drains poorly. The rough was hit and miss. Generally cut down but I was in some gnarly spots as well, left on 15 and on the backside of the green on 17. The bunkers were playable.

The greens were interesting. I asked someone making the turn about them and he said they were good and surprisingly quick. I found them to be medium speed but also looking like they may be developing some fungus problem. I was chipping for practice on the 8th green and the ball was hopping all over the place. That said, they rolled pretty well on putts considering the time of day.

Overall, the course exceeded my expectations which admittedly were not high. For $23.75 walking, it was a good deal.