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Golf Course Review Arrowood Golf Course Oceanside California

Arrowood Golf Course

Golf Course Review Arrowood Golf Course Oceanside California

Reviewed by: gary00, san clemente

Golf Playing Conditions 7.33 GREAT
Golf Playing Conditions 7.33 GREAT

6/17 using their Palm card off at 750 Pace of Play (POP) 3:40 hours with really no waiting until hole 15.  Early morning mist and damp conditions thru first 9. Front 9 fairways recently punched with remaining nickle sized holes with current local rule to place if in one of the holes. Plugs had been swept up so lies overall were good. Holes 10, 11 and 12 were just punched so there was residue to deal with and these fairways were well watered as well. The remaining fairways were yet to be processed.

The grass is tight and firm but with good cushion–quite healthy and the current work is to keep that standard–just a slight inconvenience.

Rough is cut to about 2 inches and is rather whispy.  It slows the ball some but OK to play from. That is until you get near the greens and on the slopes, thick juicy and tenacious.

Bunkers mostly OK but some on the front were wet to the point of having standing water.

Tees level and had good cover.

Greens smooth healthy looking rolling medium fast and gaining speed as the day warmed. Really like the 6 zone approach and because the greens are large with lots of contour there are even more opportunities for interesting pin placements within each zone.

Final Thoughts

Very friendly staff easy check in and well managed golfer management. Really good to see Nikki at the counter today.