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Golf Course Review Bandon Dunes Resort (PACIFIC DUNES) Bandon Oregon

Bandon Dunes Resort (Pacific Dunes)

Bandon, OR

Reviewed by: zeppelin51423, manhattan beach
Review #2, Pacific Dunes:

Golf Playing Conditions 9.45 IMMACULATE
Golf Playing Conditions 9.45 IMMACULATE

Pacific Dunes is the pinnacle of public golf in the US. After playing 36 at Bandon Dunes and the Old Mac, I decided to head over to the only course on the property I had yet to play. Also, for anyone wondering the 3rd round is always free at any Bandon course.

Instead of heading over to the Punch Bowl putting course or to the Pub I decided I would play until sunset at Pacific. I was quickly blown away and immediately vaulted Pacific to my favorite track on the property.

The Course

Hole 1, a short par 4 has a great tucked green which, although nothing special, was my favorite opener on the property. Once you hike up to the second tee box, you know this is a special place. Holes 2 & 3 eventually route you adjacent to the ocean, with 3 being a monster Par 5 playing straight into the teeth which was my favorite par 5 on the property. All 3 times I played it it was playing close to 580 yards and offers absolutely zero room for error for the long hitter trying to get home in two. Once you finished hole 3 you turn the corner to what many regard as their favorite hole on the property, a cliff side par 4. Holes 5 – 9 take you off the ocean, including hole 7 which is a terrific long par 4 (#1 handicap).

Holes 10 – 13 prove to be the most scenic & difficult ocean holes you will ever find. This stretch will test you as they play directly north into the summer prevailing wind. If you can manage those holes at even par you’ve done well. Holes 14/15/16 a par 3, 5, and 4, respectively, give you your last real chance at birdie as 17/18 prove to be a difficult closing stretch.

My Thoughts

It’s amazing how people rank the courses at Bandon. You can talk to people all weekend long on what courses they thought were the best and you will get a different answer from everyone.

This is what makes Bandon such a special place. For me, Pacific and Trails were the clear cut winners and I would go with 1a) Pacific, 1b) Trails, 2) Old Mac, 3) Bandon Dunes. I heard many people rank Old Mac dead last and others had it number 1. Pretty awesome if you ask me. Quick note on the conditions at Pacific Dunes. They were perfect.