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Golf Course Review Black Gold Golf Club Yorba Linda California

Black Gold Golf Club

Golf Course Review Black Golf Golf Club Yorba Linda California

Reviewed by: leef2020, Huntington Beach, CA

Playing Conditions 6.90 GOOD
Playing Conditions 6.90 GOOD

Played Tuesday, 2/19, teeing off about 12:20pm as a foursome. POP 4:45, waiting on the two groups in front at times.

Friendly staff, as always. We had some issue with two threesomes in front when they would ‘join up’ as a Six-some at times (8th/9th holes, 11th hole). Marshall came by as we were approaching the green on 11, and though he said they shouldn’t do that (he was very familiar with them, telling me they play Black Gold all the time), he wasn’t too bothered by this news when I told him. Sensing we were going to be dealing with that the rest of the way, I took the liberty to suggest that it was his job to stop them from doing that, and keep POP up. 😀 Guess he took it to heart, as he did circle back and likely said something to them. Starting on the 14th hole, they stopped that nonsense.

Despite the recent rains, the course remains in pretty darn good condition, not much different from my visit at the end of Jan. Biggest differences were the tee boxes are washed out a bit, thinner and grayer, and bunkers were certainly damp.

Fairways were nicely cut, lush, and still provided decent roll. Slight water damage around the edges here and there, and a few extra parts of fairways were roped off, including all of #12 and #15, which tends to be CPO often. Rough wasn’t onerous, but long in a few areas where I guess they hadn’t cut in a few days.

Greens were lovely and rolled very smooth, at a medium-fast pace.

Cart girl came by often and added cheer on a lovely, sunny Taco Tuesday.

With the Yorba Linda City Championship coming up in March, I’d expect the course to continue to be in very good/great condition in the coming weeks.

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