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Golf Course Review Cascata Boulder City Nevada

Cascata Golf Boulder City Nevada


Golf Course Review Cascata Boulder City Nevada

Reviewed by: mpisarski01, Costa Mesa
TIME – 9:30

Playing Conditions 8.48 GREAT
Playing Conditions 8.48 GREAT

I was lucky enough to join Alex326 when his partner could not join him yesterday. I arrived about 1 hour early so I could enjoy their fantastic breakfast and the eggs Benedict did not disappoint. From the moment you arrive you are treated with world class service and amenities.  From the valet to the personalized locker tags, they make you feel like a VIP.

As almost every review states the practice facility is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. There is a large waterfall starting at the top of the mountain and winds its way through the practice facility and ends up going right through the clubhouse. We were pair up with a nice fella from Wisconsin and went out with our Caddie Mike about 10 minuets early.

The Review

As for course conditions they were to be expected for a 5 star facility like Cascata. Lush and level tee’s with multiple sets to choose from and we played the 6200 whites due to the wind.

Fairway’s were all perfect almost carpet like on every hole. Most of the fairways had large landing areas and have a nice 3 foot first cut around them. You do need to be mindful of some well placed bunkers ranging from 180-280 yards from the tee’s. There are a few holes with creeks running through them which Mike was spot on with best distances to hit to.

Rough was 2-4 inches thick and penal which made for some fun times. Our caddie was very helpful in finding our wayward shots. Be mindful that some of the bunker collars are the nastiest rough I have ever encountered.

Greens were running at a medium/fast pace and were firm but would hold well struck shots and even allow spin from bunkers and pitches. While the greens didn’t have a distinct one color look they all putted great and consistent. Putting can be very confusing on this course if you ignore your caddie there were a few holes that looked like a uphill putt but due to the valley and the way the mountains are set were actually down hill. Our Caddie Mike was right on the money for speed and normally within at least a ball or two on all breaks. To bad I am a poor putter because I could have done some damage on these greens. I did have a 45 foot putt drop though so that made my day.

The only thing I could nit pick about Cascata is the Bunkers. Most are firm and filled with small stones which I imaging is a tough task being in the desert and with the winds swirling all day. The good news is that Mike mentioned that they are getting new Sand next years so this course will be 10’s across the board.

Final Thought

If you are ever planning a trip out to Las Vegas please make sure to come out to Cascata because you will not be disappointed. I know rates can be steep but it is much better to spend an entire day here rather than lose the same amount on the craps tables in 1 hour.