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Golf Course Review Cascata Boulder City Nevada

Cascata Golf Boulder City Nevada


Golf Course Review Boulder City Nevada

Reviewed by: Alex326, Monterey, Ca

Playing Conditions 8.48 GREAT
Playing Conditions 8.48 GREAT

WOW what a fantastic course! My buddy hurt his back and had to skip out so hit up MPisarski01 who was more than happy to join me for an awesome round.

Conditions were a solid 9 all around. This place is absolutely awesome! Kevbig summed up the initial experience perfectly in That you go through a private gate, get your car parked by the valet who also takes care of your clubs. The entrance is the best bar none. There’s a waterfall that comes off the mountain and down into, through then under the clubhouse.

After checking in, I headed to the locker room where I had a locker with my own name plate on it. It’s a good thing I was decked out in my Ryder Cup outfit to look the part. Lol. Locker room has full amenities ( TV’s, shower, razors, waters, etc). Our caddie was decent. He had his hands full keeping track of 3 of us and did a decent job. When there’s three players it’s hard for him to take care of everyone’s clubs so the single player got more of that service than we did.

Course is so fun you forget how challenging it actually is. Uphill tee shots are into the wind but downhill tee shots are with the wind and oh so FUN!

Greens were nice and fast with minimal undulations.

Definitely a top notch facility well worth playing!