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Golf Course Review Coronado Golf Course Coronado California

Coronado Golf Course

Golf Course Review Coronado Golf Course Coronado California

ALERT: Aeration
Will be aerating the greens 4/2 & 4/3.
* Although researches all alerts before posting, we ask that you please contact the golf course for confirmation.

Reviewed by: noeldaof, Antelope Valley

Golf Playing Conditions 6.36 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.36 GOOD

Sunday, March 31, twilight $25, first time here. Apparently, there is only one rate for both visitors and locals. I was delighted when I heard that on this nice day of 82 degrees, light breezed sunny day. To top it off, everyone I spoke to at the pro shop were all kind and helpful… well almost.. the starter feels he needs to be difficult for some reason and I’ll just leave it at that- everyone is having their own battle so his may be tougher than most.

Anyway, because of the nice staffs and the course being next to the water in a nice warm weather, I can’t help but think I’m in the islands- and that’s a treat on its own.

The Review

I found the course to be very flat with elevated greens and teeing grounds. It was really nice for walking but although it was moving well on the fairways, our round took four and a half hours. We suspect it was the greens where the group in front struggled and were a bit slow.

We knew the greens were being punched as scheduled yesterday and today April 1&2 so this review may not help anyone. But just to go through the process, the greens were hard enough not to hold any approaches making it tough even if you run it up because of the kikuyu grass around the greens.

The bunkers were fine and the fairways were in good shape. The rough were not tall at all, it just looks like an uneven/un-mowed area. It wasn’t bad. The teeing grounds were okay, some of them were uneven but not that chewed up- it was okay.

Final Thoughts

There were about 4 fairways that had out of bound markers on either left or right and one I’m sure it was both on left and right sides. I’m not too crazy about that, but it looks like they had to do it and they have a sign they do not want you to play from an OB fairway as it can slow play or worse yet dangerous.

There was a bev cart that came by a few times. ($4 gatoraide!)

If I get another chance to play here, I will surely take that chance.