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Golf Course Review Coronado Golf Course Coronado California

Coronado Golf Course

Coronado, CA

Reviewed by: weber2323, San Diego, CA

Golf Playing Conditions 6.61 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 6.61 GOOD

Got here on Friday morning about 5:45 and was about 8th in line. First tee time is 6 and i teed off at 6:30 so not that bad of a wait. Finished in about 4 hours.

There were some greens on the front that look to have a fungus on them. Greens on the back are much better and roll pretty well. Not super fast but decent. Not too many ball marks that early which is nice considering how much play it gets.

Fairways are pretty good. I was hitting a lot of wayward drives so I didn’t get to hit from here as much as I like. Maybe a few more divots than most other places. A few dead areas but not too bad.

Rough is not penalizing but these trees seem to get in the way. It’s like once you get in there it’s a _____ to get out of. I’ve also noticed some trees are gone. I was told some of the eucalyptus were blown over during some high winds we had.

Sand was really good. Was in a couple green-side and really able to take nice full swings to get that ball popping out and landing soft.

Smock was running the starter booth for a bit, hopefully he does well next week at the PGA. Since he’s taken over I have thought the service is vastly improved. Before it seemed as though the people were grumpy or flat out didn’t care. Now everyone seems happier.

Even now that the rate is $37 I still think it’s a good value. Cooler temps and a little breeze at this time of year feels nice than sweating it out at most other courses.