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Golf Course Review Coyote Hills Golf Course Fullerton California

Coyote Hills Golf Course

Fullerton, CA

Reviewed by: ocgolfer19, Lake Forest

Golf Playing Conditions 5.85 GOOD
Golf Playing Conditions 5.85 GOOD

Played late Wednesday evening as a single, teeing off around 5:00 pm. $15.00 rate using my players club membership, which also included a drink.

Overall the course is in pretty good shape. The greens were a bit bumpy that late in the day, but not too bad. Fairways were good, mostly green, great coverage. Tee boxes level and clean. Typical divots on par 3s, especially that late in the day.

Only played nine holes (got hungry), and pace was about 2 hours for the 9.

This is only the 2nd time playing here, and I thought it was a bit easier this time having a better idea of where to aim and proper club selection. No grip it and rip it here.
Unfortunately my family and work commitments only allows for infrequent golf, and I’ve decided 9 holes late in the evening is better than nothing, so I’m sure I’ll be back out here a few more times during the summer. Can’t beat the price for this course.